Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Judge Rosenberg Makes The Right Call

Marion County Circuit Court Judge Louis Rosenberg has ruled that the Secretary of State, Charlie White, can stay in office until Rosenberg's earlier ruling can be reviewed by the State's highest Court.

Star reporter, Carrie Ritchie, quotes Judge Rosenberg's ruling:
In the ruling, Rosenberg wrote that “the negative consequences would be great and irreparable” if White were removed from office and then a higher court overturns the decision that ousted him.
Rosenberg also denied a request by the Democrats, who initiated the election challenge, to add conditions that would ensure Osili would become secretary of state if White were removed from office for other reasons while the appeal is pending.
Rosenberg said in his ruling today that the Democrats’ request “unnecessarily injects the court in issues not before it.”

I think Judge Rosenberg made the only decision he could as someone who values the law.  Politics and one's political affiliation should play no role in seeing that justice prevails.  Other Judges could learn something here.

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