Thursday, January 26, 2012

CIB To Alternate Use Of MSA Parking Lot With the NFL

The Capital Improvement Board gets to operate the two surface parking lots that now exist in the footprint of the old Market Square Arena (NE and SE corners of Market and Alabama).  They contract with Denison parking for the actual operations.  Back in 2008, the only year I have documentation of net proceeds, the CIB brought in $788,693.12, and that was considered a typical year.

During the Super Bowl festivities, the CIB will alternate when they and the NFL get use of the northern parking lot.  The NFL gets to charge whatever it feels and has the responsibility of paying for the operation of the lot during the times it is scheduled to oversee the lot.   I have uploaded the schedule to Google docs.  The rate column shows the price the CIB will charge when it is scheduled to operate the lot.  If xxxx appears in the rate column, it indicates a time scheduled for NFL operation of the lot.

Here's the general summary of the schedule for the northern MSA parking lot:

The CIB will operate the lot and charge its normal $6 all day parking rate on:
January 27 (Friday)   --  7 am - 4 pm only
January 30 (Monday)  through February 3 (Friday) schedule  --  7 am - 4 pm only
February 6 (Monday)   --  7 am - 4 pm

On Sunday February 5, the CIB will operate the lot from 2 am to 11 pm, charging $99 a day.

The NFL will operate the lot and charge what they like on:
January 27 (Friday) at  4 pm through January 30 (Monday)  at 7 am  [the entire weekend]
January 30 (Monday) through February 2 (Thursday)  --  4 pm - 11:59 pm only
February 3 (Friday) at 4pm through February 5 (Sunday) at 2 am [half the weekend]

In addition, the CIB will raise rates on the southern lot the weekend of the Superbowl, charging $199 for a weekend tailgate pass from February 3 (Friday) at 6 pm through February 6 (Monday) at 6 am.

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