Thursday, January 26, 2012

IBJ Reports Mass Transit Bill Dead

The IBJ is reporting that the Mass Transit bill died in committee this morning by a vote of 11 - 10.

Here's their brief account:
A bill that could have led to a new mass-transit system in Indianapolis and surrounding counties failed in committee Thursday morning.

Ways and Means Committee members voted 11-10 against the bill.

The bill would have given local officials the authority to increase income taxes to pay for a new 10-year, $1.3 billion public transportation plan proposed by the Central Indiana Transit Task Force. Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard had endorsed the plan.

But Ways and Means Chairman Jeff Espich, R-Uniondale, said the bill doesn't have the support needed to pass.


Anonymous said...

Too busy destroying unions.

Downtown Indy said...

Story in the Star today says 2058 parking meters have been shutdown for this event.

Let's see: $200 per day blcoked-meter-fee x 10 days x 2058 = $4,116,000.

IndyStar Article

Had Enough Indy? said...

DI - I can't say this covers all 2058 or not, but the agreement to sell the meters carved out meters during the super bowl festivities. Here are the exceptions for which the City does not have to pay a penalty:

Super Bowl exceptions were written in. Here's the list of timing and locations:

39 days (mid jan to early feb) - all meters on streets directly surrounding LOS
10 days prior to Super Bowl - all meters on streets directly surrounding ICC, Georgia St between Capital & Pennsylvania, Meridian St between Monument Cr and South St, meters on block N, E & W of Monument Cr
3 days (Thurs - Sat before Super Bowl)- Zones 1 & 2 S of Michigan St
22 days (mid jan to early feb) - meters on streets surrounding accreditation center
18 days (late jan to early feb) - meters on streets surrounding media center, meters on streets surrounding team and nfl headquarter hotels.