Friday, January 27, 2012

Council To Meet Monday Night

The City County Council will meet this Monday night.  The big item for consideration is the extension of Indy's smoking ban (Prop 18).  But there are other proposals of interest.

There will also be the rare hearing of a zoning matter.  This is encapsulated in Prop 303, 2011.  This is petition 2011-CZN-825, which seeks to rezone 1.6 acres from medium intensity commercial uses (C-3) to mixed residential / commercial uses (C-2) to allow for construction of a multi-family building.  The address is 2855 N. Keystone.  Councillor Christine Scales has called the petition down.  It takes 18 votes to overturn a decision of the MDC.

Of the new proposals being introduced Monday night, one in particular caught my eye.  That is Prop 44, sponsored by Councillor Ben Hunter.  Prop 44 would change the ordinance governing the composition of Council Committees to add :
(c) Any councillor who is employed by another agency of local government, whose budgets or salaries are subject to action of the City-County Council, shall not be appointed to, or eligible to serve on any committee which regularly considers the budget or salaries of the agency which employes such councillor.

Prop 44 will be referred to the Rules Committee.


Anonymous said...

Yea Ben

Jon said...

While I applaud Ben I don't have much hope for this to occur.

Had Enough Indy? said...

One difference Jon, Councillors will have to go on the record. In a sane world, Hunter's proposal would get no opposition.