Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Governor Rescinds His Order To Limit Statehouse Visitors

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Governor Daniels has rescinded the policy restricting the Statehouse to 3000 people.  According to reporters Mary Beth Schneider and Chris Sikich:
Daniels said he made the decision this morning after consulting with legislative leaders and taking into consideration public reaction to the new rules, which had capped access at about 3,000.

“I’ve asked the fire marshal to rescind the new policy and to restore the traditional unlimited access here to the building,” Daniels said. “That’s in place right now. All three doors are open. ... We will do that unless and until there’s a problem.”

Daniels said that “anything goes” policy will continue “as long as that works.”

If situations arise where public safety is endangered, he said, the police “have my authority to do something different at that point.”

Daniels said the security issues were “not idle concerns.”

But, he added, “Indiana respects fervently the rights of minorities” including those of labor union members.

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