Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Democrats' Power Grab Belies Words Of Interest In Cooperation

The Democrats, led by Councillor Vernon Brown and supported by Council President Maggie Lewis, have ignored the electorate and composed Council committees to the super advantage of the Democrats.

Reported last Thursday by the Indy Star's Jon Murray on his blog Deep Fried Politics, the Council's committee on committees voted to increase all committee memberships by one Democrat.   This gives the 'edge' to the Ds by 5 to 3.  This is in addition to the outrageous 6-2 composition of the Rules Committee that was sprung on the Rs during a scheduled recess of the first Council meeting of 2012.


Nobody pays attention to the vote in committees.  When someone does pay attention, it is just to note that a proposal got out of committee with a 'do-pass' recommendation.  So, when there is a party-line vote, which happens somewhat often, a proposal will either die in committee ('nough said) or it will move out of a committee with a 5-3 vote instead of a 4-3 vote.  Big deal.

Maybe its so that the Ds can make even 'more' money through extra per meeting monetary compensation.  Again, big deal.

The real cost is any high ground the Ds had coming into 2012 and split government.  It no longer exists.  The Democrats have, through their own actions, painted themselves as petty, power hungry, officeholders who put the party and the trappings of power over the people.

It is a sad day for the Democratic Party in Marion County, as our standard bearers prove themselves to be not ready for prime time.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you get smoked by those "not ready for prime time" standard-bearers?

I think you even lost your home precinct. Your neighbors wouldn't vote for you, what does that tell you?

Had Enough Indy? said...

anon - not that it matters, but no I didn't get smoked (I won in 4 Townships) and I certainly didn't lose my home precinct. The rumor mill in the County party has no relationship with reality.

More importantly, our elected Democrats need to be held accountable for their actions, and not be given a pass simply because they are Democrats.

Anonymous said...

You were 3,654 votes behind the 4th place vote getter.

And you did lose your home precinct:

Sanders - 15
Robinson - 14
Franklin - 14
Adamson - 12
Barth - 11
Andrews - 10

Dead last among those who know you best...

Had Enough Indy? said...

Keep grinding. Still, you continue to be wrong. I still won in 4 Townships, of which I am quite proud and equally grateful.

In my precinct there were 41 votes cast in the D primary. I got 25 followed by Sanders with 15, Adamson & Barth each 14, Robinson 8 and Franklin 7.

This has nothing to do with the power grab for council committees. And, I repeat, just because someone is a Democrat does not mean they should get a free pass. I suspect you would be up in arms if the Republicans had pulled this crap.