Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ill-Composed Rules Committee To Hear Smoking Ban Proposal

Tonight's meeting of the Democrat-stuffed Rules committee (see "Democrat's Power Grab Belies Words Of Interest In Cooperation") will consider Councillor Mansfield's version of an extension of Indy's smoking ban, contained in Prop 18.  You will recall that Democrats killed a similar measure that was introduced late last year by then Council President Ryan Vaughn.  The difference, we are told, hinges on letting minors into private clubs that vote to keep smoking, but in a separate room.

Today's Indy Star has an editorial penned by Richard Feldman, M.D., who spoke somberly and pragmatically about passing what can be passed, even though glaringly flawed.

Now that the Ds can claim credit, their version will likely get enough votes to move to Mayor Ballard's desk.  The real question is, will it be in a form that he is likely to sign.  The Ds have squandered all moral high ground to challenge Ballard should he refrain from agreeing with the contents.

The Rules committee meets at 5:30 in the Public Assembly Room of the City-County Building.

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