Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CIB Dog & Pony Show Revs Up a Notch

The CIB dog and pony show that has been on the road for a couple of months now, will apparently take a new bump up in star quality. I can only assume this is preparatory groundwork for City-County Council consideration of an increase in the hotel tax to support the CIB bailout plan adopted by the State Legislature. Here's the announcement via Washington Township community activist Penny Bigalow:

Town Hall Meeting

Hosted by Mike Speedy, CityCounty Councillor, District 24 & Jose Evans, CityCounty Councillor, District 1
Invited: All members of the public.
Topic: Future of the Convention Center, Downtown & Proposal from the Special Session of the General Assembly
Presenters: Don Welsh, President & CEO of the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association,
Barney Levengood, Executive Director of the Capital Improvement Board
Craig Huse & John Short, members of the CIB

WHEN: Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Reception at 6:00 pm, Program at 6:30 pm; Opportunity to comment and Q&A to follow. Public input & feedback is vital!!!
WHERE: 4925 S. Shelby Street (PerryGovernmentCenter)
Behind Fire Station on Thompson Road near Northwest corner of Madison Ave. & Thompson Road.

Contact: Mike Speedy, 317-786-6689;

From the Office of Jose M. Evans Councillor, District 1
City of Indianapolis/Marion County
317.698.8890 (O), 317.917.2116 (F)
For more information, please go to

"We need a city that cares as much about neighborhoods as it does downtown." Jose M. Evans


Anonymous said...

Well, I did not believe you before, but now I agree that the Republican Party is falling apart.

The rumor is that Republican Mike Speedy is supporting Democrat Jose Evans for Mayor against current Mayor Greg Ballard.

Republican Councilor Mike Speedy is co-hosting a Town Hall meeting in his district of Perry Township with Democrat Councilor from Pike Township Jose Evans.

Why would Republican Mike Speedy have Democrat Councilor and Mayoral candidate Jose Evans in Perry Township? Mike! Send Councilor Evans back to Pike Township.

Mike, we know that you and the Republican Party have not gotten along lately, but this is not the way to get revenge.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I find it hard to believe that Speedy would change parties. He seems pretty committed to the Rs.

I think its good for Councillors, as well as other elected officials, to cross the aisle and work cooperatively with members of the other party. And, unusual though it may be, that might be exactly what this is.

Speedy does have his heart set on the dangerous dog ordinance that would set up some pit bull specific rules. He makes a very good case and I'm not sure why the humane society folks are holding this up. I can see where the Republican majority in the Council could help him out, but they are declining to do so. That could move a devoted R to seek like-minded thinkers in the D ranks. Again, not a bad thing and one for which the people would be better served than the usual 'party first' mentality.

As for Mayor Ballard running for reelection.... Not a sight too many Rs would like to see. I'd be surprised if he doesn't announce he'd like to 'spend more time with his family' and beg off another election so a more electable candidate could step up. Its too early for anyone of either party to be endorsing candidates.

All that said, only time will tell.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Oh, one more thing. I'm not sure what I said that suggested I think the Republican Party is falling apart. I do think the national party has some critical issues that need to be solved or they will go the way of the whigs.

Here in Marion County, I'd say the Rs could hold on for one or two more election cycles if they paid more attention to the people and learned how to communicate. IMHO, if the Rs vote for the increased hotel tax, they are toast come the 2011 Council elections. And if Ballard does seek reelection, they are toast in the 2011 Mayoral election.