Friday, July 31, 2009

Propety Tax Rates for County-wide Government

This is the third in a string of blog entries reporting the property tax rates for your pay-2009 property tax bill. That bill is expected to be finalized and mailed in October/November of this year. Below I report the total property tax rate for some of those taxing units in Marion County for which we all pay the same rates. The previous rate for each is also reported for comparison (published in the Star on June 17, 2009). The rate is what you would owe, after deductions and credits, per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

Taxing Districtpay-2009pay-2008
Total Welfare0.01740.1585
Total County0.39190.3262
Total Co. H&H0.17650.2114
Total Library0.12830.0903
Total Public Trans.0.07130.0504
Total Muni Corps0.37610.3521

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