Friday, July 31, 2009

Property Tax Rates by Township or Excluded City

This is the fourth in a string of blog entries reporting the property tax rates for your pay-2009 property tax bill. That bill is expected to be finalized and mailed in October/November of this year. Below I report the total property tax rate for Township and Excluded City functions. For comparisons, you will have to add the IFD District rate to that of Center, Washington, or Warren Townships as IFD now serves those areas. The Perry consolidation with IFD will be reflected in the pay-2010 rates. The previous rate for each is also reported for comparison (published in the Star on June 17, 2009). The rate is what you would owe, after deductions and credits, per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

Taxing Districtpay-2009pay-2008
Center Township0.06800.0510
Decatur Township0.65060.4863
Franklin Township0.54240.3876
Lawrence Township0.34770.2551
Perry Township0.33670.2973
Pike Township0.43680.2672
Warren Township0.00930.0070
Washington Township0.01000.0075
Wayne Township0.83720.5925
IFD District0.29470.3070
Beech Grove1.52261.0377

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