Friday, July 31, 2009

Property Tax Rates for School Districts

This is the second in a string of blog entries reporting the property tax rates for your pay-2009 property tax bill. That bill is expected to be finalized and mailed in October/November of this year. Below I report the total property tax rate for each school district in Marion County. The previous rate for each is also reported for comparison (published in the Star on June 17, 2009). The rate is what you would owe, after deductions and credits, per one hundred dollars of assessed value.

School Districtpay-2009pay-2008
Beech Grove2.61621.8168
Perry 1.58711.5275
Wayne 2.07802.0346

Now I know you are wondering 'How do I get the luxury of a school board as irresponsible as Decatur has?'. Well boys and girls, you must have a board that is handpicked by the Superintendent and attends regular and rigorous 'how to rubber stamp any outrageous expenditure of funds' seminars. While it is an option whether or not their sole interest is who is the best relative to make football coach, it can be an asset in keeping them quietly occupied in the corner while the important decisions are made out of earshot.

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