Friday, July 31, 2009

Property Tax Rates Published

For those who do not get a printed copy of the Star, you likely missed the publication, as required by law, of the property tax rates proposed for your pay-2009 property tax bill. Since these budgets have already been crafted and are being used as we speak, these rates should be the final rates. Because Governor Mitch Daniels called for a redo of the property value assessments a couple of years ago, we have been behind schedule with our property assessments and the tax rates and tax bills. Hopefully by 2010, we will get back on the usual schedule.

I will separate into individual blog entries the rates for schools, the city/county, and the totals so that the numbers are a bit more digestible. Also, I am reporting only the rates for the largest one or two taxing district in each Township, just to keep things as simple as possible. A map of the districts is shown on this IU webpage for your reference. Should you live in one of the minor taxing districts, sizewise, you'll have to contact the Star for a paper copy. Their website publication of the notice is gibberish. As an alternative, you could contact David Reynolds, City Controller, as he submitted the table to the Star for publication. ( )

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