Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally - More Disclosure of Administrative Contracts

The administrator addenda to the MSD Decatur Township contracts was finally handed over to the citizen who made the open records request back on March 11. This person gave me copies of the limited information they received previously, and I noted that some of it in my blog entries "Jeff Baer Without a Contract Since 2006 - Really?" and "MSD Decatur's New CFO - Salary On the Rise". Along with the addenda, Jeff Baer's current contract for 2009-2010 school year is finally turned over.

For this entry, lets just run through the items in the addenda. There are several versions, depending upon the particular administrator.

The 'stripped down model' is as follows:

1. The contract described in the title of this addendum shall be supplemented with all the benefits in the Negotiated agreement between the Corporation and the Decatur Education Association except as modified by this addendum.
2. The term of this contract shall be July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.
3. Each administrator shall receive an amount equal to the annual cost of the Hoosier School Benefit Trust family health and family dental insurance plan ($19,812.00 for the 2009-2010 school year) for purchase of Section 125 benefits including 403b/457 or as additional wages as elected by the individual administrator. The "benefit dollar" amount paid to each administrator shall be included in "annual compensation" as defined in IC 5-10.2-4-3(c) and used to determine the "average of annual compensation" defined in IC 5-10.2-4-3(b) and reported to the Indiana State Teacher Retirement Fund for purposes of calculating the administrator's retirement benefit.
4. The Corporation shall provide vision insurance to the administrator at no cost.
5. The Corporation shall pay all premiums less $.01 per year toward a life insurance policy valued at 1.5 times the annual base salary.
6. Administrators shall be covered by a Long Term Disability Insurance Program that provides 662/3% of the administrator's monthly compensation up to a maximum benefit of $8,333.33. The cost of the insurance premium for long term disability insurance is added to the administrator's base pay.
7. The Corporation shall provide administrators contracted for 260 days with 20 paid vacation days. Administrators may carry forward up to 30 accumulated vacation days. Accumulated vacation days beyond 30 days shall be converted to personal illness days.
8. The Corporation shall pay the administrator's membership to his/her professional organization.
9. At the request/approval of the superintendent, administrators may attend a national conference for professional development in their assigned area(s) of school administration.
10. Administrators may transfer all accumulated personal illness days from their previous employers.
11. Administrators are granted personal illness days according to the following rate plus three (3) additional days during their first year of employment:
a. 185-209 contract days ---------13 medical/illness days/year
b. 210-239 contract days ---------14 medical/illness days/year
c. 240-260 contract days ---------15 medical/illness days/year
12. A sick leave bank will be available for administrators who have exhausted all other leave. The merit of each request will be considered by the Board.
13. Administrators are granted personal business days according to the following rate:
a. 185-209 contract days ----------3 personal business days/year
b. 210-260 contract days ----------4 personal business days/year
Unused personal business leave days may be accumulated the following year as person business leave days up to a maximum of five (5). Excess personal business leave days accumulated beyond five (5) shall be added to accumulated medical/illness leave days. If the administrator does not desire to accumulate these days as medical/illness leave days, the administrator may claim each day in excess of five (5) for $100 per day.
14. Administrators contracted for 260 days will be paid for the following holidays: Fourth of July, Labor Day, Fall Recess, Thanksgiving Day and the day following, Christmas Day and the day before, New Year's Day and the day before, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, and Memorial Day. The superintendent shall designate an alternative day when a paid holiday is a Saturday or Sunday.
15. Administrators shall be paid at the IRS rate of reimbursement for use of automobile.
16. Any administrator who has accumulated one hundred (120) [sic]days of sick leave at the end of their final year of service with the school corporation shall have the sum of two thousand ($2,000) added to their final teaching contract.

This stripped down version of the administrator addendum is the contract version for Susan Adams, Anna Cook, Lisa Cook, Bob Harris, Candace Milhon-Baer, and Rosie O'Brien. All are under contract for 260 days per year, except Anna Cook is 210 days, and that information is missing for Lisa Cook and Rosie O'Brien. No contracts for building administrators, Principals and Assistant Principals, were requested or delivered. So we have no information about these contract positions.

One notch up from this version is one that modifies number 15 - the reimbursement for use of automobile. This second version leaves a blank for the dollar amount that is filled in by hand:

In lieu of mileage allowance, each assistant superintendent and senior director shall receive a vehicle allowance in the amount of $_____.

For comparison, the IRS reimbursement rate allowed is 50 cents per mile. Lillian Youngblood, Wesley Sanders, and Katie Rogers all get a flat $1000 - the equivalent to 2000 miles / year driven on school business (travel to and from work does not qualify). Gary Pellico receives an allowance of $1500, or the equivalent of 3000 miles traveled on school business. All of these are 260 day employees except Katie Rogers, who is a 210 day employee.

The top notch administrator addendum adds an annuity into the mix.

The Board shall pay the administrator an additional salary amount of $6000 for contribution toward a tax-sheltered annuity of the administrator's choice.

Pat Jones receives this version of the contract addendum along with a $2000 mileage reimbursement flat rate - equivalent to 4000 miles logged on district business. Dave Rather and Jeff Baer also receive this version and $4000 mileage reimbursement flat rate - equivalent to 8000 miles logged on district business. Debra Sullivan gets this version of the contract, as well, but the mileage reimbursement line is left blank.


Anonymous said...

The School Board (Representatives of the Parents,Taxpayers,Citizens in the Township) are not working for the best interest of our Children Schools. The School system is more like a Board full of Nazis than true believers of Democracy where everyone has a say. Don Stinson has coordinated his power base through by putting those on the School Board by having his cronies to fool Voters, Parents, Teachers, and Taxpayers into believing the lies they were told. Stinson doesn't like taking orders from anyone, period.
Stinson and the School Board are just like the Terrorist extremists who hate our American Ideas. Stand up for our right as Parents, Taxpayers,TRUE AMERICANS!

Anonymous said...

HEI: Can this info please be given to the Teacher Retirement Fund people? Teachers and their representatives should study this??? The contracts of all administrators are outrageous. Hope those who disagree will get a principal contract from another district and show everyone if there is another like it??????

Anonymous said... God!!!

WHY does our current school board continue to throw money at these admin people, like Baer, when the State Board of Accounts REPEATEDLY catches him failing to balance the district's books and ROUTINELY over-drawing accounts? He's FAILING to do his assigned job, and you vote to make him MORE of our kids money!!!

And Henson and Collins are asking us to re-elect them to another four years of simply voting to let Stinson, Baer, Adams and Co. rob our children blind for another for years?

Henson and Collins have more guts than you can hang on a gate. I may not be sure of who I'm going to vote FOR Decatur school board, but I sure as hell know who I'm going to vote AGAINST!

Anonymous said...

Since Bob Harris has been recommended and approved by this Administration and School Board, I believe our problems will continue. Why Harris? What was his job at Perry and how well did he do it? Why did he leave? Why are we paying him 60K to get some OJT from Baer of all people. He save Baer who with his fancy PHD apparantly cannot balance our districts check book! And perhaps most importantly, what's Bob Harris/Susan Adams connection? If he has a positive opinion of her, it'll be "business as usual" I'm afraid. If they are good friends, here we go again!