Monday, April 12, 2010

Decatur School Board Meets Tomorrow - RIFs to Be Finalized

The MSD Decatur Township School Board meets tomorrow, April 13, at 7:00 pm. The meeting has been moved to a larger venue - the Community Room of the Decatur Intermediate Learning Center on Mann Road.

The agenda has been posted (click here) and includes finalization of Teacher layoffs. Also on the agenda is a curious item, 'additional special board meetings'. Wonder what mischief they are up to now.

Remember all the while, the Administration and the School Board have decided it is better to close Lynwood as an elementary school and reduce the number of teachers district wide, than sell the Southwest Pavilion (former Concentra Building). Superintendent Don Stinson and his cronies so covet moving into new offices that they are quite willing to let class size climb, fully knowing that that is the single worst thing you can do when it comes to the quality of education delivered to children.

If you wish to speak at the meeting you must sign up before the meeting begins.


Anonymous said...

Who does Don Stinson think he is? The Don in the movie "Godfather" or Al Capone? Well, it seem he has hit men in the Central Office like Jeff Baer and his wife Candi ,Susan Adams, Gary Pellico, and the Board Members. He runs the place like its the 1930's such as: illegal business deals, giving his cronies promotions and pay raises, taking and using school equipment. The whole thing does look like the School Board works for Stinson. My property tax dollars are paying for this crap.

Anonymous said...

I really don,t think the people in this township care. NO ONE does anything about it

Anonymous said...

The most important immediate thing to do now is to attend the board meeting tomorrow night. They don't like it when a crowd attends - don't want people watching their poor work. Hopefully, teachers and bus drivers and parents will be there in large numbers. It is a PUBLIC meeting. No one should feel that he/she is not welcome. GO!!!!!!!

Not everyone reads this blog so talk to neighbors and friends and convince them it is important to attend.

Anonymous said...

I just got home from a teacher's union meeting. I have NEVER been so depressed. Our bargaining team has tried so hard to work with Dr. Baer, but evidentally,he will not listen! The team has come up with several ways to cut the budget but the administration will not even listen. He even told them that they are not the voice of the teachers and that we WANT this cut in pay. WHAT? If I take the cut, I will lose $500 per month - minimum. My spouse and I tried to figure how we could afford our bills should this happen. In addition, they said that the many of the riffed teachers would be called back if they got the 20 teachers to take the retirement package. Now that the 20+ teachers have officially said they would retire, the administration says that NO riffed teachers will be hired back. Extra curricular (sports) came up and they told the team that those were NOT going to be touched whatsoever. paying coaches (many who have said they would gladly take a pay cut because they love coaching) instead of classroom teachers is preferable? Add to all this lovely news....they are expecting up to 40 kids in a classroom - telling us it is because we won't take the cut. We used to be a district of collaboration. Now, it seems to be one of scare tactics. If only I could be hired in another district......but no one is hiring there either! I'm so sad. I can't imagine my classroom next year. I don't think I will be teaching - instead, I will be hired for crowd control!