Friday, April 30, 2010

13 Teachers Recalled at MSD Decatur Township

Here is the list of the 13 Teachers who had been RIFed, but have now been recalled:

Anne Gothe(315) ------------ECC ----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Melissa Abernathy(308) -----ECC ---------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Erin Mould (336) -------------VM ---------------------1st Grade Teacher
Lisa Schwedler(366) ---------ECC ---------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Cassandra Nichols(364) ------ECC ---------------------Special Education Teacher
Thomas Dennis(348) --------ECC ----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Michelle Misurac(360) -------HS ---------------------Science Teacher
Joan Tejchma**(343) ---------DDA ----------------Chemistry/Physics Facilitator
Heather Beach**(373) ---------HS/Q&I -----------------English Teacher
Trisha Corbin**(374) ----------MS ----------------------Mathematics Teacher
Amanda Skobel(368) --------HS ---------------------Special Education Teacher
Karen Harwood**(377) --------HS/ICE ------------------Mathematics Teacher
John Kirtland**(378) ----------HS/Choice ---------------English Teacher

Names with asterisks were listed as "non-permanent staff" in the RIF list. The rest were listed as "semi-permanent and permanent staff". The number is the position on the seniority list of 401 - this list also includes administrators. The higher the number the less seniority a person has.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look good for class sizes in the elementary schools next year.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look good for our kids' future, either. That's of little consequence, though, Stinson, the bountiful Baers, Pellico, and that perpetual prom queen of central office, Susan Adams, have all got their pockets stuffed full of cash while our kids and their classrooms go to hell. The school board members are getting fat eating high off the hog with Stinson at every school board get-together, courtesy of the tax-payers. They're like a bunch of ward heelers in Chicago: "There was an election. WE won. Now it's OUR turn to steal". I'm going to vote for Mrs. Coffey and Mr. Hire for school board. I know that the professional spin-doctors at central office think Mr. Hire is stupid because he's not a well-oiled public speaker like them. For my money, that's a plus for him. I'd rather have someone of obvious honesty and character looking out for our kids' futures, even if he's not a polished speaker, than all the slick-talking, cake-eating liars we have on the board now. I only have one vote. But rest assured they won't get it. I have to laugh at Henson and Collins scowling spitefully at the trailer trash taxpayers who dared to ask questions at previous board meetings. They think we've all forgotten their "WE DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS. YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES. TIME'S UP! SIDDOWN AND SHUT UP! NEXT!"

NOW they're all but begging for us to re-elect them and put their signs in our yards. Fat chance, you catered dinner oinkers. YOU BETRAYED OUR KIDS!!!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Coffey recieved a very nasty unsigned letter in her mailbox yesterday. It certainly sounded like someone on the schoolboard presently who lives not far from her.. It seems the power is slipping away and oh how hard it is to let go of.... This person has changed completely from the person I knew before they were on the schoolboard.

Being the nice person Natalie is she will probably not mention this letter. But I have seen it and I am not as nice as she is...

How low can you go to try to intimidate someone running against you.

What goes round comes round!!

Anonymous said...

I know who you are talking about and let me tell you this person has become quite a snob since being on schoolboard. Loves the trips and prestige and catered dinners. What a shame you have sunk this low.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide specifics of what the letter said?

Anonymous said...

Natalie is a wonderful person. It's a shame that ANYONE has to stoop this low but what else would be expected? These low lifes are scared as they should be. Let's start reading everything that comes acoross and voting for the kids!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I have seen the letter and it is not worth giving this person the satisfaction of even bringing up anymore about it. I will say anyone that reads the letter will lose any amount of respect they might have for certain individuals.Too bad they didn't even put the right address on it, lol.