Friday, January 7, 2011

No Morals Clause in Stinson's Contract

WRTV reporter, Kara Kenney, had a piece last night about Decatur Schools Superintendent, Don Stinson, and his contract.

Her report centered on Stinson's $1000 per month and free gasoline portion of his contract. She starts with:
Some are questioning why a superintendent who had his license suspended after a DUI arrest is still getting a vehicle allowance from the district.
She also notes that there is no morals clause in Stinson's contract, unlike contracts with other Superintendents in the area. This means that the Board can not fire him for cause, no matter what.
But some in the community have questioned Stinson's compensation and why his contract did not include a morality clause, protecting the district if officials break the law.
She also reports that he did take a salary cut, but only 9%, not the promised 15%.

Last year, Decatur Township Schools grappled with a $5 million budget deficit, prompting Stinson to take a 15 percent cut to his base salary.

However, when factoring in his total income from salary and benefits, Stinson's compensation was cut more like 9 percent from $302,433 to $275,539, according to records provided to 6News.

District spokesman Robin Gregory said the cut came out of Stinson's annuities, which is the district's contribution to his retirement.

Multiple contracts and funny business with them has led to the difference between Kenney's report and my last post "Another Lie From Decatur School District - This Time Its a Whopper !"

More on that in my next post.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why our board president had her phone disconnected? Did the reporter say disconnected or not available or what? I thought she said "disconnected".

Had Enough Indy? said...

Wiseman lost her house in a tax sale. She has moved out, obviously. The disconnected service could easily be related.

Anonymous said...

I posted anon 9:21. She lost her house? Really? does she still live in the township? i think you have to live in the township to be a school board member. maybe you have to be in the township to run for office. i dunno.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I do not know where she now lives. But, if she has moved out of her district, much less the Township, she must by law resign.

Anonymous said...

Pat, it has been said that Kathy Wiseman lives in Morgan county. Maybe Channel 6 could be at the meeting Tuesday to address the issue of where she lives and why she's still on the board. Maybe she'll resign right then and there.
At least we can hope.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00: I've heard that too! It would be pretty easy to find out; her husband is employed by the school system. Since he's a public employee, wouldn't his pay information be public record? It would be easy to get his pay record!

Anonymous said...

I know! We can lay off a math teacher at the high school and have Cathy Wiseman teach Consumer Math! Wouldn't she be another great example for our students?