Friday, August 21, 2009

Notes From the Budget Hearing -- August 17

I'm only a little behind with my notes on things other than important issues arising from the budget hearings. (I'll speak to the important stuff in a later entry.)

Monday night was the Metropolitan Development Committee hearing night.

This committee was chaired by Kent Smith, one of the At-Large Councillors. Councillor Smith opened with a gracious welcome of the public to the budget process and mention of how valued public comment is with the committee and the Council in general.

First on the agenda was Prop. 323, which would sign the Council on as supporters of an abatement for Rexnord Industries. This proposal was introduced by Stephanie Quick of DMD and endorsed by Councillor Lutz, in whose District the project lies. Motion made. Second. Vote do-pass unanimously. Oops. Forgot to ask for that all important and valued public comment. Now, I found it humorous. My guess is that Councillor Smith is just new to chairing meetings and he usually doesn't have any public at any of his meetings. But, he did make a show of announcing the value the Council places on public input and then he didn't think twice about calling for it.

Moving on to the budget hearing for DMD. Maury Plambeck presenting, Councillors asking questions. Do I hear a motion to adjourn? Forgot to ask for that all important public comment yet again. Maybe next meeting Councillor Smith will remember.

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