Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heads Down - Break's Over

There's an old joke that I won't be able to tell well. Something about some bad guy going to Hell and the Devil gives him three choices of 'rooms' in which he can spend eternity. One is your typical vision of hell - fire and brimstone; screaming and suffering. The next is different, but of equal torment. The third room is full of feces with the eternal sufferers wading about waist deep. Stinks to high heaven, so to speak. So, the bad fellow decides this is the room for him. Just as he climbs in, a voice come over the loudspeaker - "Okay folks. Heads down. The break is over."

Just Monday night the City-County Council voted 15-14 for what they called a two year bandaid for the Capital Improvement Board.

This morning - maybe 2 and a half days later - the Star runs a piece about the CIB needing MORE MONEY ! The 'end times for downtown' campaign was so successful, they have extended its run.

Heads down Indy. Break's over.

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