Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Large Contributions - Kennedy & Ballard 2011

I have gone through all campaign finance reports for both Melina Kennedy and Greg Ballard for the entire year to date (as of yesterday, October 25) and compiled a list of contributors whose total donations equal at least $10,000 since January 1, 2011.  A number of these contributors gave to both campaigns, but not to both in such large amounts.

Before I get into the list, I must note that the Kennedy campaign finance reports are deliberately randomized as to dates and alphabetical order of donors.  If you'd like to see for yourself, look for Lacy Johnson in Kennedy's pre-election report.  He made a large number of donations over the time period, but you will find his name scattered throughout the individual donors portion of the report.  Even then, the dates of his donations are not sequential.  These campaign finance reports may meet the letter of the law, but their deliberate randomization makes reviewing them extremely difficult.  They speak poorly of Kennedy's commitment to transparency.

Below I list the names of the individuals and organizations whose contributions amounted to at least $10,000 during 2011.  I have rounded off to the nearest dollar to make scanning the list easier.  I also segmented the lists into individual donors, corporations, political action committees, labor, and 'other'.

The overall outcome is that Ballard took in 28 large donations totalling $411,315 while Kennedy took in 29 large donations totalling $722,711.  This amounts to 24% of Ballard's total itemized donations for the year and 35% of Kennedy's.  Kennedy took in no large donations from corporations.  Neither took in any large donations from Labor (although many Labor organizations have set up PACs which did make large donations).

Christopher BurkeNaperville, IL$10,000
Christal DeHaanIndy35,000
Russell FortuneIndy10,000
Russell Fortune III (may be same person as above)Indy10,000
James IrsayIndy10,000
Scott JonesCarmel10,000
Phillip KuntzFishers10,000
Bhagwan PatelIndy10,000
Beurt SerVaasIndy10,000
Herbert SimonIndy20,000
Ray SkillmanIndy10,000
Randall M TobiasCarmel10,000
James WadeIndy10,000
Dean WhiteMerrillville25,000

7 Ray Skillman business locations

HNTB Holdings Ltd. PACKansas City, MO

Barnes & Thornburg, LLPIndy$20,329
Bose McKinney & Evans, LLPIndy15,000
Bruce White & E White JTWROSChicago, IL25,000
Central Canal Holdings FC LLCIndy10,000
DLZ Indiana, LLCSouth Bend11,000
Downey Racing, LLCAvon10,000
Hunt / Smoot Midfield Builders LLCScottsdale, AZ10,000
Indiana Republican State Central CommiteeIndy23,179
M & J Management LLCIndy20,000
REI Real Estate Services, LLCCarmel25,000
Ruth's Chris Steak House - Hoosier LP and Terra LP (two PACs)Indy17807

David B BeckerFortville$10,000
George A Buskirk Jr.Zionsville10,000
Gregory F HahnIndy15,975
Jason R HeslerIndy10,400
Alan P HoganIndy10,400
Lacy M JohnsonIndy24,642
Dennis MehielValhalla, NY10,000
Alan K MillsIndy10,500
Anne NoblesIndy10,000
Deborah J SimonCarmel10,000
Herb SimonIndy10,000
Cindy Simon SkjodtCarmel29,199
Ann M StackIndy38,035

Citizens for Excellence in GovtIndy$16,800
DPBG Political Action CommitteeIndy12,000
EMILY's List-NF FundWashington, DC10,000
IBEW Educational CommitteeWashington, DC27,500
Local 135 DRIVEIndy10,500
Midwest Region Laborers' Political Action LeagueSpringfield, IL25,000
Taft, Stettinius & Hollister Better Gov't FundIndy13,500
UAW Region 3 Victory FundIndy45,000
Victory 2010 CommitteeIndy105,000

Barnes and Thornburg LLPIndy$10,358
The Bart Peterson for Mayor CommitteeIndy60,000
Bose McKinney and Evans LLPIndy25,958
Brightpoint Eclipse, LLCIndy81,000
Hunt / Smoot Midfield Builders, A Joint VentureScottsdale, AZ10,500
Indiana Democratic PartyIndy60,394
Jonathan Weinzapfel for Mayor CommitteeEvansville10,000

Many of the PACs have names that reflect who they represent.  I will post about some of the others in later blog entries.  


Nicolas Martin said...

This brings to mind another great Mencken quote:

“Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.” – H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

The Bart Peterson for mayor donated funds to kennedy? That is still active after four years?