Friday, October 7, 2011

Ed Treacy - What An Embarassment

Despite Kyle Walker’s plaintive wailings, Mayor Greg Ballard isn’t cut out for the job of leading our city. At each public appearance, he shows more of his blubbering ways.
Thus begins the latest press release from Marion County's Democratic Party Chairman, Ed Treacy. Surely the first draft was scratched out with a crayon.

Here's a couple more snippets from other press releases sent out by the Party in recent days, where Treacy has decided to try to brand opponents with the Tea Party label:

With just 34 days until the 2011 Municipal Election, Mayor Greg Ballard, the first Tea Party candidate, is quickly losing steam and getting sloppy.
I'm sure Ballard's connection with the Tea Party caught both him and that group by surprise - much less his elevation at being their first candidate. But, Treacy is not one to let facts get in between him and his 'political strategy'.

At the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum just days ago, incumbent Republican Councilor At-Large Barbara Malone announced the Republican Party’s support for the consolidation of all school districts in Marion County, including Speedway and Beech Grove.

A Tea Party Republican, a leader within the conservative Republican caucus and the sole sponsor of the unpopular 50-year parking deal, Barbara Malone has exercised significant influence within the Republican ranks. This newest proposal, which has no resistance from her fellow Republican candidates, continues to highlight the extraordinary disconnect between Tea Party Republicans and the educational challenges facing the city of Indianapolis and its students.
The headline for this press release was "Making IPS Only Public School District in County Will Be Priority for Republican Council".  Did Malone say "I think we should look at consolidating the school systems in this particular County"?  Yes, she did.  Was she the Councillor who is the named sponsor of the parking meter concession ordianance?  Yes, but it seems like a brain fart caused that fact to be included in that paragraph.  The rest is fantasy and fabrication on Treacy's part. 

Earth to Treacy - the Council is not the school board. The only authority they have is tangential to the charter schools; schools that Treacy supported under Peterson, but now wants to bash under Ballard. There is no continuity of thought, no guiding principles of importance - only trying to score with ill humored name calling.

Treacy's hyperbole harms the Democratic party and any credibility it can have on the important issues affecting our City, much less on any solutions to be offered. His juvenile rantings reflect on the rest of us. Little wonder that the press only calls on Treacy when they want some vitriolic outgassing for the news.


stAllio! said...

referring to mayor ballard as "the first tea party candidate" is not only unsurprising, but entirely accurate. don't you remember 2007? candidate ballard attending tea party events, promising to cut $70m of "fluff" from the budget while protesters dipped teabags in the canal?

ballard may have turned his back on the tea partiers the moment he got into office, but that doesn't change the fact that he was a "tea party candidate" a full year before the tea party grew to national prominence.

Had Enough Indy? said...

He can't be the candidate of a group that hadn't formed yet. He did make appearances at property tax protests. So did Mike Rodman. So did a whole bunch of folks across the political spectrum who were fed up with the Marion County property taxes being totally out of hand.

Anonymous said...


Blog Admin said...

While Treacy might not be referring to Ballard's stance in 2007, he most certainly was from the 2007 Tea Party movement. They didn't just share similarities. They literally referred to themselves as Tea Party, and had at least one rally where they dunked teabags into a canal (the one I'm referring to was held in the Broad Ripple canal in 2007).

Now as far as ideological similarities go, it's apple and oranges. Very few, if any, tea party groups seem to be active in municipal politics unless it include a referenda on property tax raises for school districts. They seem more focused on the 2012 SEnate race and, to a lesser extent, governor's race than anything else.

As for Malone, I think Treacy is wrong. But he's not doing it because he's speaking what he thinks is the truth. He's doing it because he thinks labeling someone a "tea party" Republican will hurt them.

Hey, these guys both know it'll be a baseline election. Treacy is just doing his best to fire up his base.

Anonymous said...

So in the world according to Treacy, I have a choice between Ballard and the tea party people vs. Treacy and his union marxist thug friends. Smooth. He does a nice job of simplifying things at least.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Matt, I think we have to ask more of our Parties. If you can't motivate the base without making stuff up, then you really haven't been paying attention.

This type of conduct turns off people and creates more cynicism about elections and government.

I firmly believe that we must not be complacent and say simply - its just the way things are. We must do what we can to make things better. And that includes calling out those who would presume to lead the parties when they exhibit inferior standards.

Paul K. Ogden said...

He describes Councilor Barb Malone as a

"A Tea Party Republican, a leader within the conservative Republican caucus"

Barb Malone is:

1) Not even remotely close to being a tea party Republican.

2) Not even remotely close to being a "leader"

3) Not even remotely closed to being a "conservative."

Otherwise the description of Malone is on point.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Paul - I'd have to add, there is no inherent sin in wanting to discuss an option of consolidation -- even if it is of the school districts. Discussion is not Democracy's enemy.

It has never been an outrageous discussion to have among Democrats. So the feigned 'repulsion' by Treacy and his minions is just more theater.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Pat, I recommend you go see Ides of March. It characterizes quite well the low-lifes who succeed in the political process today. It's no place for anyone with honesty, integrity or valor.

Paul K. Ogden said...


Actually the Democrats are usuallyt the ones touting consolidation. It's strange that they've changed their tune. At this time there is little public support for consolidation of schools which is probably why the D's don't push it.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Anon 7:33,

You can feel comforted by the fact Ballard has nothing to do with the Tea Party people at all. Ballard couldn't be less of a tea party person. he is an establishment candidate through and through.