Monday, October 3, 2011

Council To Meet Tonight

The City-County Council will meet tonight, October 3rd.  The agenda indicates a public hearing on the budgets of the Municipal Corporations (CIB, Library, IndyGo, Airport, and Health & Hospitals).  At the last Council meeting there was a public hearing on the budget.  Discussion led to this second opportunity for the community to speak up, as these budgets had not yet been presented at any Council committees.  There were, however, a couple of City-County budgets that were in the same situation, most notably those budgets for IMPD and IFD.  Perhaps tonight's public hearing will allow for comments on those budgets, as well.

Of those proposals being introduced, one caught my eye.  That is Prop 277, sponsored by Councillors Mansfield, Coleman, Sanders, and Brian Mahern, that asks Mayor Ballard to "cease and desist from all efforts to rename Georgia Street".  The agenda indicates that the proposal will be assigned to the 'committee of the whole' meaning the entire Council.  Thus, it could be discussed and acted upon tonight.

Besides the budget ordinances still working through the committees, Prop 242, which seeks county option income tax refunds to certain qualifying low wage downtown hotel workers, was tabled by the Rules committee on September 27 by a 4-2 vote.  This may have gone down party lines, as those committee members in attendance were Republicans McQuillen, Cockrum, Lutz, and Rivera, and Democrats Mansfield and Gray.

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