Monday, February 28, 2011

Council Considers No-So Deal Tonight - Hold On To Your Wallets

The Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council meets tonight, beginning at 7 pm, in the Public Assembly Room of the City-County Building. Their agenda again includes Prop 292. This is the proposal that would put the taxpayers in the banking business and loan $98, plus provide $40 million in actual taxpayer investment, to the proposed developer of the North of South project. Said developer only has to come up with $6 million for their part of the deal.

A number of proposals are being introduced tonight. These caught my eye:

Prop 46 -- Would approve a property tax installment plan for those who have homestead property in Marion County. After approval by the Council, the State Department of Local Government Finance would also have to approve the plan. Mike Rodman, County Treasurer, drafted the plan. The plan would be voluntary, and presumably appeal to those homeowners who either have no mortgage, or those whose mortgage company does not escrow funds for property tax payments.

Prop 47 -- Would establish a $100 cash fund so that the Assessors office could provide change to those who make small, cash payments for services.

Prop 52 -- Would amend the sign ordinance to allow two types of signs on IndyGo bus shelters and City-owned benches at bus stops - advertising signs and transit related signs. It is hoped that more bus shelters would be erected to City specifications by firms interested in selling ads for the City, and that the ads would bring in some additional revenue for the always struggling IndyGo.

Prop 62 -- Would add licensing requirements and regulation of flea markets into the ordinances.

Prop 77 -- Would give $2 million to the Indianapolis Parks Foundation for crime prevention grants. I assume that most, if not all, of this amount would be passed on to crime prevention grant awardees. But, the proposal as posted online, does not specify how much of this money is intended to be used by the Foundation for administration and evaluation of the grantee projects.


Gary R. Welsh said...
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Had Enough Indy? said...

I had another meeting tonight. Did anyone catch the vote tally?

Blog Admin said...

Fox 59 reported it as 16-12. I think that means one didn't vote.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Aaron Freeman wasn't there. Three Democrats crossed: Nytes and Bateman (of course) and Jose Evans. One Republican went the other way, Bob Lutz. It wouldn't have passed without Demcorat support

Anonymous said...

More spending, more regulation, more unfairness (government exempted from rules applying to private businesses). A typical day at the office for politicians.

Citizen Kane said...

Anonymous - you forgot one - More theft - a transfer of wealth from the masses to the few.