Monday, February 7, 2011

No-So Sent Back to Committee

Just seconds ago, the City-County Council voted to send Prop 292 back to the Economic Development committee. This is the proposal that would float a $98 million bond and finance the North of South development.

Due to the short notice, this was absolutely the right thing to do. Congratulations to all.

The committee will take up Prop 292 again at its next regularly scheduled meeting on February16, beginning at 5:30 in room 260.


Jon said...

Today's Star has the laugh of the day, Ryan Vaughn's comment about the NoSo deal

"I just didn't want the debate (Monday) to be about proper notice rather than the substance of the issue," said Council President Ryan Vaughn, a Republican.

There isn't any substance at all in the NoSo deal unless you are Lilly, a contractor or a bond attorney,

Anonymous said...

This deal defies any logic.

They say using $98 million of TIF funds to back a floundering retail development rejected by every bank in town is not too expensive or risky, yet spending $2 million of TIF funds to upgrade parking meters and giving a billion in future income to ACS was a wise use of limited public funds?

Heck, at least taxpayers should be demanding Eli Lilly live up to it's job and investment commitments or pay the taxpayers incentives back from the deal 10 years ago before giving them another $98 million of public funds in return for promises that will produce a few low paying service jobs and temporary construction jobs.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Democrat opposition to this proposal?

Certainly don't see any media outreach, committee opposition preventing a full council vote, no amendments, no business study showing the stupidity of this project, just a little lip service from Sanders as this sails through unopposed.

Just a little more acting and theatre for the public as Eli Lilly and the "minority" construction contractors and lobbyists loot the treasury.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention not a peep from Melina Kennedy either.

She is avoiding this battle just like the misguided Water ACS, and Pacers deals.