Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Matt Tully In Process of Hitting One Out of the Park

Star columnist, Matt Tully, is running a series of articles on stellar progress by students, staff, and parents of Arlington Woods Elementary school. The centerpiece is a teacher-crafted plan they call Project Restore with a core principle of high expectations for students.

Sunday's segment : "When every minute counts"

Today's segment : "Students rise to challenge of Project Restore's rigorous tests"

Must read for all those interested in improving education.

Dubbing the series " The Code Breakers of Arlington Woods", here are the topics Tully will present
Feb. 13: Two teachers develop a plan to transform a struggling school.
Feb 16: Higher standards and weekly tests are keys to the turnaround.
Feb. 20: The school discipline team works to prevent disruptive behavior.
Feb. 23: Cameron is only 12, but he has a plan for college.
Feb. 27: Can the success achieved at Arlington Woods be replicated elsewhere?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. This is excellent reading and very thoughtful work for those committed to educating children.