Monday, May 24, 2010

Just a Note

I've gotten sidetracked on some other things. So, thought I'd just jot a note with a mere pleasantry.

I don't know if you've run into before, but they are a pretty good way to stretch your dining dollar. They offer mostly $10 or $25 off dining certificates (some conditions apply, so look for those) for just a couple of dollars. At the end of every month they send out an email to their members (free memberships) with promo codes to use at checkout that reduce the cost even more. So, right now, a $25 off dining certificate that costs $10 most of the month, costs only $2 when you use the promo code "flag" when you are ready to pay for your certificates. The certificates are good for a full year from date of purchase and are very easy to use.

More and more Indy area restaurants are getting listed, so the selection could include a place you would have gone to anyway. We don't go out to dinner very often, but I always look through the list to see if a place we want to go to is there. And certainly when we are going on vacation, I check to see what locations are offered in those other cities.

Just one other caution, when you are trying to check out, they offer one of those crazy 'click here for free whatevers' -- but when you do, that site asks for way too much personal information. So, my advice is to avoid those offers -- just scroll all the way down the checkout page and click on the link that says something like 'no thanks, I'd just like to check out now'.

If you have any websites that offer good savings on stuff you'd like to suggest, post it here.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

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Thank you for this update. The Rainy Day Fund explanation really helps to understand, not necessarily agree with, the decision to transfer funds.

The Alabama media has been very "quiet" if there has been a contract agreement as of this time?? It has been a week since the job offer. Maybe either Baldwin County or Decatur or both are being "held hostage." Sad.