Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Councillor Vaughn Has Council Office Send Proof of Notice

I just received copies of two notices of public hearing for Proposal 132 from Melissa Thompson, clerk of the Council office, on behalf of 'President Vaughn'.

These notices were published on April 28, 2010, in the Indianapolis Star and the Court & Criminal Record. Both are signed by City Controller, David Reynolds. Having a subscription only to the Star, I guess I need to spend more time reading all that tiny print, instead of relying upon the word of the Council President or the accuracy of his agenda. My bad.

[amended to add : If only for myself and to be complete, I must add that these two notices were sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements for notice to the public of public hearing. Now that the Internet is as vibrant as it is, even as used by City government, the State Legislature could change the notice requirements to add the necessity of posting these on the various government websites and provide RSS feed or other automatic notice of same to the visiting public. But, Councillor Vaughn did not in fact break the law by holding a hearing for which there was insufficient public notice.]

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Citizen Kane said...

No, he didn't break the law, but he didn't pause to consider the impact of it not being listed as a public hearing, which Brian Mahern nailed in his comments.