Thursday, May 13, 2010

Decatur Recalled 26 - 21 Still on RIF List

In response to an open records request, Gary Pellico provided me with the list of previously RIFed teachers who were recalled at Tuesday night's MSD Decatur School Board meeting.

Those newly recalled, plus the 13 previously recalled (see "13 Teachers Recalled at MSD Decatur Township"), leave 21 teachers who remain on the RIF list.

Those newly recalled are:

Dean Adler------------ HS -------------Industrial Technology Teacher
Kristina Criswell -------HS ---------------------Spanish Teacher
Justin Dixson ----------HS/New Tech ------------Social Studies Teacher
Kyle Enright -----------HS/New Tech -----------English Teacher
Jeremy Griffith --------HS/Choice ---------------Social Studies Teacher
Chris Hutchison --------HS/Q&I ------------------Mathematics Teacher
Lisa Carroll ------------DDA ---------------------Spanish Teacher
Mary Ann O’Neal ------DDA --------------------Special Education Teacher
Jane True -------------DDA ----------------------Science/Music Facilitator
Cari Hair ---------------DEC ----------------------Social Studies Teacher
Laurie Sheldrake -------DEC ---------------------Mathematics Teacher
Kristi Hodges ----------DILC/Blue --------------Special Education Teacher
Kristina Langley -------DILC/Blue --------------6th Grade Teacher
Cheryl Smyth ----------DILC/Blue --------------Art Teacher
Mary Davey -----------DILC/Gold --------------6th Grade Teacher
Megan Murrell ---------DILC/Gold -------------5th Grade Teacher
Kelsey Bales -----------ECC ----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Dyck -----------ECC ----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Anne Foster -----------ECC ----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Klassen ---------ECC ---------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Rachael Many ---------ECC ----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Elaina Gibbs -----------LW ---------------------2nd Grade Teacher
Kate Ferguson ---------SD ------------------------Special Ed Teacher
Janette Mikulsky ------SD ------------------------Special Ed Teacher
Allison Hite ------------VM ---------------------3rd Grade Teacher
Ashley Lipps -----------VM ---------------------1st Grade Teacher

Those who continue on the RIF list (the number in parentheses is the number of teachers who were lower on the seniority list, but who were recalled):

Erin Gettinger (2) ---------HS/Choice ---------------Special Ed Teacher
Jo Ann Moore (38) ----------HS -------------Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Kristen Pineda (16) ---------HS ---------------------Art Teacher
Quincy Wallace (37) ---------HS ---------------------Physical Education Teacher
Elizabeth Carpenter-Wilson (32) ---DDA --------------Art Facilitator
Howard Esterline (2) --------DILC/Blue ---------------Special Ed Teacher
Catherine Jones (0) --------DILC/Blue --------------6th Grade Teacher
Rebecca Starnes (7) -------DILC/Blue ---------------6th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Geiger (2) ---------DILC/Gold --------------Special Ed Teacher
Megan Johnson (7) --------DILC/Gold --------------5th Grade Teacher
Megan Mathew (38) --------DILC/Gold --------------Physical Education Teacher
Erin Whitfield (7) ---------ECC -----------------------Kindergarten Teacher
Lauren Brake (5) ----------SD -----------------------2nd Grade Teacher
Michelle Kite (14) -----------SD --------------------- 3rd Grade Teacher
Katherine McFadden (1)---SD -----------------------2nd Grade Teacher
Stephanie Werner (7)-------SD ------------------------4th Grade Teacher
Stevie Bruzas (5) ----------VM -----------------------4th Grade Teacher
Rachel Slagle (38) -----------VM ---------------------Physical Education Teacher
Brittany Caldwell (5) ------WN -----------------------2nd Grade Teacher
Rebecca Jones (1) ---------WN -----------------------1st Grade Teacher
Molly Newland (17) ---------WN ----------------------2nd Grade Teacher


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see Dixson on the recall list. Isn't he fairly new? The recalls obviously were not based on seniority (nor should they be), but of all the areas listed I see more useful bodies for the township to recall than another social studies teacher. Being a grandson of a board member goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

We all knew Dixson would be called back no matter how much they denied it. What a crock...

This school board and administration will now go wild..doing whatever they want and to hell with what taxpayers want!
Afterall this was what the voters wanted.

The redistricting will hurt many children in this township,losing lifetime babysitters.

Anonymous said...

Can ask the purpose of showing the number of teachers lower on the seniority list? I mean, it stands to reason that those who are recalled would be recalled, in order of seniority, for positions that are most crucial and that are also not being filled by admins who are moving down. So, while it's a good piece of information to have, I guess, it seems quite unhelpful in determining the overall nature of the recall.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we all knew that the football staff would be called back. You know, according to his grandpa, Dixson is "the next Tony Dungy" so we had to have him back to see how this pans out.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the list of those still on the RIF list. Only in Duh-catur would we bring back a social studies teacher/football coach over a math, science, or english teacher.

Anonymous said...

Dixson - the next Tony Dungy????I don't think so....Hope Grandpa is happy his way again!!!It really pays to be on the school board!!! Apparently some of the recalls are based on "Who you know or who you are related to"..

Anonymous said...

Everyone cross your fingers tonight and say a little prayer for Stinson's interview to go well tomorrow. He is so good at dazzling with BS, maybe, just maybe, he'll pull this off. Don't know how he will react, though, to a public interview. God knows his biggest attribute is hiding his evil ways of stealing a school district blind.

Anonymous said...

Although it is totally unfair to recall Dixson before many of the others on the list, it is not a shock to me because of our current administration and board. I would suggest Decatur Township residents boycott all football games. I realize the contingent of usual township suck-ups would continue attending, but this should send a valid message that we have witnessed enough special treatment.

Yoda said...

Whether you believe it or not, the teachers called back were to fill needs in the classroom.

I am not a big fan of the current football group because of the way they got there. Grandpa and Mr. Greenwald removed a coach that was doing fine and now that he is at a school that supports him, he is the South all-stars coach for the all-star game this summer.

As was said in the board meeting, the teachers not recalled will be in the pool of teachers subject to recall in accordance with classroom requirements. Those requirements will be determined by student registrations.

As far as Candace and Dave along with others, they are more than likely keeping their plans close to the vest just like the teachers that are going to retire. I am sure that this will all shake out in the next month or so.


Anonymous said...

Patience says Yoda.

Trust the administration you must.

Yeah, right.

Obi Wan said, "Who is more foolish - The Fool Or the Fool who follows him?"

Anonymous said...

So sad for our kids. Twenty some teachers that retired that won't be replaced. Then the 21 that weren't called back leaves our kids still loosing about 40 teachers.

Anonymous said...

Yoda 5:39 a.m.

Was it publicly announced that Rather and Milhon-Baer are retiring or is this part of keeping things close to the vest. Rather has told people that he is retiring and will be a consultant to McWilliams in athletics. No one seems to have seen the administrator retirement packages but the teacher retirement packages have been discussed publicly. The administrator retirement packages must be too sweet to reveal to the public??????? If Rather and Milhon-Baer are retireing will they be replaced???? when retiring teachers have not been replaced???

Anonymous said...

Boycotting the football games is really a stupid statement. I believe that most of us go to the football games to support our children, not necessarily to support the coach. As I have heard many times on this blog....."for our kids" so let's keep that in mind!

Dixson interviewed for the position just like many others and was selected by a group of parents, teachers, administrators and coaches. If you ask the players on the team what they think about their coach, I am sure that you would find that they are extremely happy with how the program is being ran. Just because you are related to an administrator does not mean that you are not qualified for a position!

So, this suck-up will continue to support our children and go to football games, as will many others!

Anonymous said...

I am outraged that Dixson and Enright were recalled when there are other teachers (with MORE seniority) who are so much more deserving! In Decatur Township, it is definitely "who you know" rather than "what you know" in order to get a teaching job. I hope all of the Decatur Township residents who voted to re-elect Henson and Collins are very happy. It looks as though everything will remain the same, unfortunately. Our last hope is that Stinson will be offered the Superintendent position in Alabama and we will be able to hire a new Superintendent!

Anonymous said...

Several of the teachers who are still riffed are "victims" of the reshuffling of administrators. Guess the teachers association does not pressure the board and Stinson either.

Anonymous said...

Correction!!Dixson is not related to an administrator, however he just happens to be related to a school board member....I suppose you don't think the people who elected him could have been influenced by anyone??? It just seems a little strange that the previous coach was not even given a reason for his removal from the position. Whether or not Dixon was qualified doesn't matter, he is qualified because his grandpa is on the school board..Come on get a life, face up to reality, it's all who you know in Decatur Twp...Hope Stinson gets his job in Alabama..too bad he can not take his school board with him!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought Candice Baer was leaving the DC this year for another job somewhere else. I was told Mr. Rather will be retiring this next year. Does anyone know why it would take several months to train the new guy taking Jeff Baer's place and pay both of them for doing one mans job? This doesn't make any sense, and talk about spending extra money that they said they didn't have. This is another way the DC could help at least one or two teachers from being RIF. Why can they not think about someone else instead of taking care of each other there in the Admin bldg? Sounds odd to me that it would take that long to show him Jeff Baer's job. Isn't the new guy experienced in this line of work? Sounds like something else is going on and Baer may not be going anywhere - maybe Stinson has Jeff Baer lined up to take his place if he gets the job in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54

Probably they are all "lining up" for Stinson's job - Sullivan, Rather, Baer (both Jeff and Candace), Larch, and others. The community needs to speak up. Stinson might leave even if he doesn't get the job in Alabama. Stinson and the Boaard might be believe that he (Stinson) has hundreds of opportunities - doubt it. All reasons that the retirement packages should be made known to the public. It has been highway roberry. They should all ride off into to the sunset. Tomorrow will be a brighter day only if the public stays involved.

Anonymous said...

Larch announced her that the DEA has agreed to the contract teachers were informed today that they ARE NOT GOING TO THE PREVIOUSLY ASSIGNED GRADE LEVEL.....NOT teaching with a team person they choose through the form given out before spring break....central office admin. is continuing the mistrust, lies and it can only get worse. The cuts in the percent matching and retirement will really hurt those who will retire in a few years.....hmmmm isn't that what they want???

Anonymous said...

anon 7:53
teachers will not be going to the already assigned positions for the fall?
are you a teacher in the district?
I am a teacher and did not hear this today, just wondering what is going on. you know how we aren't told much.

Yoda said...

I will say again that it is not about seniority. It is about classroom need and what a teacher is licensed in. Evidently English and social studies teachers are needed more than some of the elementary teachers and the PE and special Ed teachers. Of course, I can't understand Special Ed teachers not being in demand.

Patience is definitely a virtue. I know it is hard.

Neither *-baer and Rather were listed on the staff report. It does seem to be pretty common knowledge about Mr. Rather but, *-baer is another thing. (I really hate hyphenated names)

If Mr. Stinson leaves, and I personally hope he does not, Dr. Sullivan is supposedly the super-in-waiting.

I am sure that the reason anon-8:01 hasn't heard yet is because it is not true. Probably another untruth spouted forth by the DEA, much like the disingenuous way the union has proceeded throughout the past few months.

I actually find it somewhat humorous, the amount of anger at the administration when there is none directed at the slovenly way the union has misrepresented the teachers. I know I will incite some lame attacks from some of the blog readers for these statements but I don't know how they can be dis-proven. How many times has the union told the teachers something was about to happen in the past 3 months only to have it be proven incorrect. Do you really think these incidences were mistakes. I think not. I personally think they were pre-conceived to drive the wedge between the teachers and the administration deeper.

Anonymous said...

Yoda 8:24

The problem may be that the union leaders have come to know that if they do what Stinson and Baer want it will be to their personal benefit. Several times in recent years it was very BENEFICIAL to the union co-presidents to be in cahoots with Stinson. Supposed to be collaboration but paid leaves, hiring nepotism, etc. was to their personal benefit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't think the teachers are complaining about the union is obviously a troll.

Yoda said...

LOL with the Troll bit again.

Please try to come up with something more imaginative and original. If you can't think of something better to say that that, take Ben Franklin's advice. "It is better for people to think you a fool, than for you to open your mouth and remove all doubt." or something like that.

I haven't seen too much of the complaining about the union here. I guess that is being done in secret??

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:05 nailed it on the head. DEA is run by a couple women who aren' t really looking out for teachers. They aren't much different than administration. Nice people but totally ineffective.

Debbie Sullivan would be worse than Stinson . I don't think this school board has the brains to do the right thing- go outside the district to get a fresh start for a new Superintendent. The ONLY way to get our schools and community back is to do this. We need something better than a "Journey Towards Bankruptcy".

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:28,
"Journey Towards Bankruptcy" - good one!

Anonymous said...

Don Stinson, Jeff Baer, Candance Baer, Susan Adams, Gary Pellico, and one or more Members on the School Board Relatives have been violating a Indiana Law.

IC 35-44-2-4
Ghost employment
Sec. 4. (a) A public servant who knowingly or intentionally:
(1) hires an employee for the governmental entity that he serves; and
(2) fails to assign to the employee any duties, or assigns to the employee any duties not related to the operation of the governmental entity;
commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(b) A public servant who knowingly or intentionally assigns to an employee under his supervision any duties not related to the operation of the governmental entity that he serves commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(c) A person employed by a governmental entity who, knowing that he has not been assigned any duties to perform for the entity, accepts property from the entity commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(d) A person employed by a governmental entity who knowingly or intentionally accepts property from the entity for the performance of duties not related to the operation of the entity commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(e) Any person who accepts property from a governmental entity in violation of this section and any public servant who permits the payment of property in violation of this section are jointly and severally liable to the governmental entity for that property. The attorney general may bring a civil action to recover that property in the county where the governmental entity is located or the person or public servant resides.
(f) For the purposes of this section, an employee of a governmental entity who voluntarily performs services:
(1) that do not:
(A) promote religion;
(B) attempt to influence legislation or governmental policy; or
(C) attempt to influence elections to public office;
(2) for the benefit of:
(A) another governmental entity; or
(B) an organization that is exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;
(3) with the approval of the employee's supervisor; and
(4) in compliance with a policy or regulation that:
(A) is in writing;
(B) is issued by the executive officer of the governmental entity; and
(C) contains a limitation on the total time during any calendar year that the employee may spend performing the services during normal hours of employment;
is considered to be performing duties related to the operation of the governmental entity.
As added by Acts 1977, P.L.340, SEC.58. Amended by P.L.68-1998, SEC.1.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the details of the agreement the teachers union made? In the Mooresville Times, there was mention of cuts in benefits and salary for 4 years, but no details given.

80 some percent of teachers voted for the cuts.

Anonymous said...

Fox TV in Alabama announced at 11:52 a.m. today that Stinson is among the top 3 finalists for the Baldwin County Schools job. The others are Alan Lee from Virginia and Samuel DePaul from North Carolina. Says there will be second interview but doesn't indicate there will be visit to the home schools.

This is fact. Sunshine in Decatur Township???

Anonymous said...

LOXLEY, Ala. -- Donald Stinson, Alan Lee or Samuel DePaul will become the next Baldwin County school superintendent, Board of Education members announced today.

In a special meeting at 8 a.m., the seven board members selected the three finalists after interviewing six candidates during the week. Board President Tracy Roberts said the finalists will be interviewed May 24, 25 and 26 at the Baldwin County satellite office in Loxley. The board plans to start the interviews, which are open to the public, at 6:30 p.m.

During the day, the finalists will tour county schools and talk to administrators, teachers and staff members, Roberts said.

The board will vote by June 1 to select the new superintendent, who will replace Faron Hollinger. Interim Superintendent JaNay Dawson, who announced plans to retire this year, has filled the position since his departure last June.

Roberts said the new superintendent should be in office in Baldwin County by July.

Stinson is superintendent of the Decatur Township school system in Indianapolis. Lee is from the Washington County Public Schools in Abingdon, Va. DePaul is superintendent of Stanly[byr: cq: ] County Schools in Albemarle, N.C.

Other candidates interviewed Monday and Friday are Beth Wright from Lake City, S.C., Roy Cole Pugh from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Joe Kelley of Katy, Texas.

The six candidates were selected from about 40 applicants for the position.

No Baldwin County school employees applied for the position, Terry Wilhite, system spokesman, said today.

Denise D'Oliveira, of the Baldwin County Education Foundation, said after seeing the three finalists interviewed that she was impressed.

The new superintendent will take charge of a system with more than 27,000 students where local and state revenue has declined by more than $61 million in the last two years.

Baldwin County voters approved a 3-year, 1-percent sales tax in March to make up some of the lost revenue. The tax is expected to generate about $25 million a year.

Anonymous said...

The following is from the Baldwin County Schools website:


The Baldwin County Board of Education has named its top three finalists for superintendent. They are:

Donald Stinson, Superintendent
MSD of Decatur Township
Indianapolis, Indiana

Alan Lee
Washington County Public Schools
Abingdon, Virginia

Samuel DePaul, Superintendent
Stanly County Schools
Albemarle, North Carolina

These candidates will return for another round of interviews with the board on May 24 and 25 and possibly May 26. Schedules will be arranged and announced later. Interviews will be open to the public. The board hopes to name the new superintendent by June 1 and have him in office by July 1.

If Stinson does not get this job, maybe he will have learned about the importance of timely public communication from his visit with the Baldwin school system. The info is on the homepage on Saturday afternoon following their morning board meeting!!! It is now time for him to release public information in Decatur township - like the administrator retirement packages!!!!!

Had Enough Indy? said...

anon 2:25, 4:07, and 4:17 -- that's great news !! Thanks for sharing that with us.

This blog's commenters are simply the very best !!!!

Anonymous said...

Please reassure me that if he gets the job he WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE HIS RETIREMENT PACKAGE.

Anonymous said...

If the district wasn't already broke, it might be worth it to pay him (and some others) to leave.

Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to find out Janet Larch's retirement package - 3 years service buy from teacher retirement fund and 10 years paid health insurance until age 65 would be over $200,000???????????????

Had Enough Indy? said...

anon 5:32 - sorry, but yes, he gets his retirement package whenever he leaves. Outrageously enough, he's been getting 'severance' pay for a couple of years now by some inexplicable logic - thanks to our generous school board.

Yoda said...

ANON 9:15 AM;

Which part of that are you saying they?? are breaking?

It is easy to cut and paste a statute but, trying to prove it, another thing.

As far as the supposed good news, whomever the replacement supe is, even if it is someone from outside the district, I give them 6 months tops before they are getting blasted here in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't think this blog has been about "blasting" anyone. The blog has been about responsible decision making and about communication with the taxpayers who support this public school system. People are concerned that this school district is in shambles. The next superintendent will have so many problems to clean up but as of today, the financial hole gets deeper and deeper?????? There is no need for the exorbitant retirement packages for Larch, Rather, and who know who else.

Anonymous said...

YODA must be married to an admin. Truth hurts

"You can't fake caring. If you really understand why leaders fail, it is because they are unable to care."

Yoda said...

Nice try, I am not married to an admin. I am just trying to contribute to the thought process here. There are many times that this is not just a discussion. A lot of times it is just blasting, whether you want to call it that or not.

You are right about this school system being in financial trouble but, as much as you want to throw daggers or shoot arrows, there are too many targets. The administration is not alone. Anytime we tie ourselves to state/federal monies that we have no control over there will be problems.

HEI, what kind of separation package did the super before Mr. Stinson leave with? Was that on your watch or just after, those days tend to blend together. I think there was quite a bit of money being spent back then too. On property if I remember right.

The separation packages that administrators are leaving with is not a new phenomenon, has it just become a burr under the saddle because you do not like someone?

Anonymous said...

Looks like we're playing Marco Polo with Yoda..........Marco........?

Anonymous said...

The following is quote form Indianapolis Strar article:

Parents can attend meetings next week to look at maps and ask questions. Maps are at
Meetings will be 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Decatur Intermediate Learning Center Blue and Gold Academy community room, Lynwood and West Newton and 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. May 20 at Stephen Decatur and Valley Mills.

Hope parents will attend these meetings on Tuesday and Thursday and ASK QUESTIONs!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI this meeting will only have the maps available to look at. There will be no formal presentation. You can walk around the school but classrooms will not be open and staff will not be present. So not sure if it is really worth attending if you have already seen the map.
Does anyone know anything about being able to petition your child into a different school than what they are supposed to attend.

I also think change is good and is needed. Give it a chance it may be a very good thing. However there are very different types of children in every school. Some of these areas the children experience very different things than the other kids. It does show at school with bad hygeine, languauge, not doing homework, no parent involvement. Then you have the kids walking around in new clothes each week, cell phones, and parents coming in each week to eat lunch. You will have the 2 sides at every school it is just a lot more noticeable in Decatur. You will also have both types of kids living in the same subdivision.

Anonymous said...

This is just unbelievable that parents will not be able to ask questions. These very, very highly paid administrators should be expected to answer any and all questions that parents ask.

Children are children. When will we stop "judging" children by the smell of their bodies, the clothes that they wear, and the backgrounds they bring to school? Instead, the children need to be totally accepted and involved in the classroom activities. The educators, the majority of whom do not live in the district, just don't get it!!!!!!! Wake up school board members. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

O.K. You can walk around and look at maps but no staff or administration will be present. who will be there? The janitors?
Just another example of the cowardice of this admin. and schoolboard. They have turned our lives and our childrens lives upside down and they won't even be there to answer questions? You can't even go into classrooms. They don't care about any of these children. All they care about is taking their big retirements and getting out of town! I don't care who my child goes to school with ,I just want an admin. and schoolboard who really cares about the kids and their lives. Who really cares that they are learning and will be able to get ahead in this world. That they will be able to graduate and be prepared to go to college.

It is to be expected they would all hide out after what they have done to the residents of this township.Trying one learning plan after another... OH, that one didn't work let's try another one because we don't know what the hell we are doing except filling our pockets with the childrens money!


PT Barnum said...

They're not going to hang their heads in shame, they're proud of their endeavors. When you've got a majority of residents that are willing to continue to vote for the status quo....What do you have to lose?

It's my belief that a majority of Duh-Catur residents are the very same folks that have continued to give Jimmy Swaggert monies,despite his repeated dalliances with prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

Good one P.T. I totally agree!!

Yoda said...

ANON 11:13 AM

There will be administrators there to answer questions with the maps. This was put out at the school board meeting.

The posting said you can ask questions. There will not be any teachers there.

Take a breath and actually read the posts before assuming. (you know what happens when you do that)

As far as the comment regarding the cleanliness of some of the children. What a bigoted attitude. Unbelievable. This is typical of change can be good but not in my neighborhood thinking. You should be ashamed.

Yoda said...

P.T. Barnum, very funny. Doesn't really contribute anything worthwhile but, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Yoda said...
P.T. Barnum, very funny. Doesn't really contribute anything worthwhile but, whatever. May 18, 2010 8:34 PM

"Whatever" is the next-to-the-last refuge of the incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Why is the grass not getting cut around the schools? Is this one of their cost-cutting deals or are the pockets getting a little bonus?Should our kids have to play in this tall grass and yes i have seen them playing in the tall grass.If your grass at home wasn't cut and was let get that tall you can bet the city would be at your house with fines and cut it also sending you the bill.How trashy do our schools have to look and what will this draw next bugs,rodents,etc.Miss a few paid lunches and cut the grass

Anonymous said...

Yoda said...Neither *-baer and Rather were listed on the staff report. It does seem to be pretty common knowledge about Mr. Rather but, *-baer is another thing.

How did you see the staff report?

Anonymous said...

I have been told that a RISE teacher is moving to Stephen Decatur next school year. Does that mean that none of the teachers waiting to be called back are Special Ed qualified?