Saturday, March 6, 2010

Councillor Mansfield Files Ethic Complaint Against Councillor Plowman

Councillor Angela Mansfield has filed an ethics complaint that asks Councillor Lincoln Plowman to disclose the reasons revolving around his investigation, or take a leave of absence until the issues are resolved.

Here is how WTHR is reporting Mansfield's complaint:

A ethics complaint has been filed against City-County Council member Lincoln Plowman.

The complaint, filed by councilor Angela Mansfield, is seeking the same thing many people have been asking for weeks. What is the nature of the investigation and does it involve any of his dealings as a police officer, or his duties on the City-County Council.

Eyewitness News sources have indicated that Plowman is resigning his seat on the council and position with IMPD on Monday. Because of the investigation, IMPD put Plowman on paid administrative leave on February 3.

Many on the council are concerned that any future involvement in council matters by Plowman could cause legal issues down the road.

"I asked, 'Can Lincoln disclose what it is?' It is not a situation like a grand jury, where the is confidentiality and they said, 'Absolutely, if he chooses to disclose, he can'," Mansfield said. "The other thing I think is interesting is, it was explained to me that the agency that is doing the investigation will neither confirm or deny that there is an investigation, which led me to believe it is not an internal investigation."

The complaint is asking Plowman to either disclose the nature and circumstances of the investigation, or take a leave of absence until the investigation is complete.

I think Councillor Mansfield has struck the right note here - finding a compromise position between Councillor Plowman's rights to due process and the rights of the community to have confidence in the actions of the Council.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Yes, Angela absolutely did the right thing. Now, how will Lincoln react?

The Ghost of Tom Joad said...

Just a quick note to say the contents of this blog and extending its contents/subjects beyond the school system of Decatur Township is a good thing.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Well, Plowman's gone.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Thanks Ghost. For better or worse (blog-wise), I am a Decaturite and therefore the storm down here has more of my attention. I am trying to follow other things, but things are comparitively calm elsewhere; with abatements and the issues surrounding the Plowman affair as notable exceptions.

I have Indy in the title of the blog and I agree I must strive to be broad. But, my perspective will always be affected by the view from my window.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Marycatherine - yup, he's gone. But, the confusion remains, eh? I don't know enough about police administration to figure this question out - if something is illegal enough for the FBI to investigate it, why is it not illegal enough for IMPD to investigate it? I have heard that former Councillor Plowman is saying the investigation revolved around his Council job, not his IMPD job - then why 'retire' early from the latter? And, what votes could conceivably have been tied to any issues under investigation? The Council has had some close votes...