Saturday, March 6, 2010

Confusion Reigns in Plowman Affair

Confusion is the only word that can describe the state of affairs with Councillor Lincoln Plowman. Today's Indianapolis Star article by Francesca Jarosz "Plowman to leave IMPD, reports say", says Plowman will retire from his IMPD post, but leaves things up in the air as to his Council seat.

Jarosz reports in part:
A city-county councilman and assistant police commander who has been under investigation for more than a month is expected to retire from the department Monday.

But it remained unclear Friday whether Lincoln Plowman's anticipated departure would shed light on the investigation. Details of the inquiry have been kept sealed since he was placed on administrative leave from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Feb. 3.

Also uncertain is whether Plowman, a Republican who represents the city's Southeastside, will remain in his council seat. Some council members say his departure from the department would bring them closer to asking for his resignation.

Meanwhile the new blog 'Indy's Political Stock Exchange' provides a link to a WTHR report that says Plowman will resign both his IMPD and Council positions.

WTHR, in part, reports the following:
Sources tell Eyewitness News that City-County Council member Lincoln Plowman plans to resign from his job on the council as well as his position with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police force.

Plowman has been under investigation over the past several weeks but even he says he does not know what the investigation is concerning.

The 21-year police veteran works as a major for Metro Police. He is currently on paid administrative leave during the unspecified investigation. The 30-day paid leave ended on Friday.

Jarosz further reports in her Star article, that :
Plowman's decision comes as public safety leaders prepare to make a ruling on his future with IMPD. His 30 days of paid administrative leave ended Friday, leaving public safety officials with a choice: reinstate Plowman to the department or suspend him without pay.

The latter decision would have started Plowman's termination from IMPD. The Indianapolis Star's sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, say Plowman chose to retire in anticipation of strong action from the department.

Plowman, who has served on the Police and Sheriff's departments for 21 years, did not respond to e-mails Friday, and his cell phone number was disconnected.

Frank Straub, the city's public safety director, confirmed that he planned to meet with Plowman and his attorneys Monday to discuss Plowman's status with IMPD, but he would not elaborate.

Looks like Monday will be a pivotal day for Lincoln Plowman. I firmly believe that those under investigation are not necessarily guilty of anything. And, I firmly believe that those who get a lawyer are not necessarily guilty of anything. The right of presumed innocent until proven guilty must extend to all of us, including police officers, Councillors, and average citizens alike. But, at some point, the public's right to know needs to be activated because Lincoln Plowman is both a police officer and a City-County Councillor and the public deserves to know if his service on either of those fronts is in question.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Well, now that Lincoln has retired from serving as a Councilor, will the public ever be told why he left today.