Monday, April 28, 2014

Unslated Candidates On A Ballot Near You

When you go to the polls next Tuesday, May 6, you'll have lots of folks ready to hand you a glossy photo array of their Party's slated candidates.

Harder to find is a list of those candidates on the ballot who are not slated by the Parties - either because they did not pay the slating fee (most of them) or were not the selected slated candidate.  There are a smattering of these folks appearing on ballots throughout Marion County.

Here are the non-slated candidates and the offices they are running for:


Congressional District 5
Allen Ray Davidson
Shawn A. Denney
David William Ford

Congressional District 7
Mmoja Ajabu
Curtis Godfrey
Pierre Quincy Pullins

Indiana State House District 93
Ryan Guillory

Marion County Superior Court
Greg Bowes
David R. Hennessy
Christopher K. Starkey

Marion County Sheriff
Mark Brown

Center Township Constable
Johnny Williams

Center Township Small Claims Court Judge
Michelle Smith Scott

Lawrence Township Constable
Stanley Allen Stephens

Lawrence Township Trustee
Paula Redden

Perry Township Small Claims Court Judge
Amanda R. Whipple

Wayne Township Trustee
Douglas Marion White
David King Baird


Congressional District 5 (there was no Marion County Republican slating for any Congressional seat)
Susan Brooks
David M. (Mike) Campbell
David S. Stockdale

Congressional District 7
Wayne "Gunny" Harmon
Erin Kent Magee
J D Miniear
Catherine (Cat) Ping
Gordon Smith

Indiana State Senate District 31
Chrystal D. LaMotte

Indiana State House District 91
Michael S. Scott

Indiana State House District 96
Margaret Peggy Jones

Marion County Clerk
Jocelyn-Tandy Adande

Franklin Township Constable
Phil Suiters

Perry Township Trustee
Daniel T. Moriarty 

This list was compiled by comparing the names listed on the Marion County Democrat and Republican Party websites, and names of those who filed to be candidates at either the Secretary of State's Office or the Marion County Election Board.

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