Thursday, April 10, 2014

$160 M MORE to Pacers Over Next 10 Years - How Many Cops Would That Buy Us?

IndyStar reporter, Tony Cook, has a breaking story that the CIB and the Pacers have reached a deal.

The deal would keep the team in Indy for the next 10 years, for an additional $160 M over that time.

The CIB would own the scoreboard at the end of the term; a scoreboard likely in need of replacement by then.

Curiously, Cook reports that, "the deal sticks even if the Pacers begin to lose money."  It sounds as though they might be making money already, but the taxpayers who provide them with free room and board as well as all proceeds from all events at the taxpayer-owned Fieldhouse, don't get to peek at their books.

The hard hitting negotiators from the CIB also got the City first right to buy the Pacers team should Simon die and his lenders foreclose. 

Elected officials are on the stump as we speak, trying to gin up support for increased taxes to pay for more police.  Yet, they have endless millions to throw at billionaire team owners.

This is where the City officials' real priorities lie - with the frills over the fundamentals.


Nicolas Martin said...

How many times must it be said that the best way to bring down violent crime is to end prohibition, not to toss money at more police and arms? Increasing police is no more socially productive or morally sound than handing money to the Pacers. At least playing crony capitalist with the Pacers doesn’t diminish the rights of Americans.

Had Enough Indy? said...

In my rush, I likely was not clear about my opinion. I'm not for increasing taxes to increase the number of policemen.

My use of that item was as a counterpoint also currently in the news, of a basic service folks are saying is lacking, vs. the totally frivolous sports mania among our elected officials.