Friday, February 8, 2013

Miles the Moocher - Beggin' For Speedway Handout

Anyone without a lobotomy knew this was coming.

Miles was put on the Board of the Speedway.  That famed, holy, altar to, well, speed.  Four wheel.  Two wheel.  Iconic.  American.  Speed.

But, Miles the Moocher; his appointment signaled a change of course that would embarrass most Hulmans.

It turns out, the Speedway wants Irsay's deal.  They want the Simons' deal.  They want $100 million.

Pay up Hoosiers.  Otherwise it is end times for Indiana itself.

In an exclusive - intrepid IndyStar reporter Jon Murray and his bi-line co-author Alex Campbell, report that the Speedway has taken the road more travelled - the road paved with taxpayer dollars - and are requesting a modest $100,000,000 dollars from you and me.

Feeling tapped out by the Pacers and the CIB's secret agreement?  Feeling unsympathetic because of the Irsay deal under Peterson?  Feeling verklempt at the thought of a new soccer stadium of all things?  Well, know that I feel your pain.

Just get on the damned phone and tell your State Legislature - un-ahh, no-way, not-happening.

Geez.  I'm going to go throw up now.


marksmall2001 said...

Handwritten letters to politicians are supposed to be more effective than telephone calls. I guess because in our short-attention-span, don't-have-time world, a person who takes the time to write a letter is viewed as serious. (A billionaire or two on one's side is the most effective position.) I am sorry that IMS has taken this route. But if the other rich people are at the trough, why be a fool?

Flogger said...

This will be a real test for Mike Pence. Will he take the road most traveled and sign on to Corporate Welfare???

I am sure there will be some bogus premise to justify another Corporate Handout.

Had Enough Indy? said...

The article doesn't mention how much will come from County Option and Public Safety Income Taxes... So, its not just a State issue.