Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IndyConnect Eliminates Rail - But Keeps Hefty Budget [UPDATED]

Check the IndyConnect website and you'll see that light rail has been eliminated from both the phase 1 and long range mass transportation plans.  The light rail from downtown Indy to Noblesville was responsible for about half of the 10-year, $1.35 billion, budget.  Yet, the current budget remains at $1.35 billion over the 10 years of phase 1.  Go figure.

For comparison, I have uploaded onto Google Drive, the old phase 1 plan (that also shows the long range additions) that I got from the IndyConnect website on January 1, 2012.  Here's the link to the current phase 1 plan and the current long range plan.  The main routes have been color coded and reference to rail is out.

That does not mean that the rail can't be put back in the blink of a Board vote.  That is one of the frailties of the current mass transit bill (HB 1011) that now is before the Indiana Senate. They can tout any plan they want - including spaceships should they choose - before the public referendum.  But nothing ties them to any particular plan or philosophy of what any public money should be spent on.  Nothing.

Hopefully, the Senate will change that.

[UPDATED 2-27-13 The IndyConnect folks appear to be playing both sides of the fence.  Check out this entry from Urban Indy "Green Line Study Examines Downtown Alignments".  Among other items of discussion the option for laying light rail lines in downtown City streets is more than interesting.  The goal is to link the Green Line, evidently, to the new Transit Hub, slated to go in on the south side of Washington Street, across from City Hall.  Yet more reason for the Legislature to make sure the plan the public gets sold on, is the plan that is implemented, should a referendum be successful.]


Anonymous said...

I don't know about spaceships to Noblesville, but self driving cars are not that far off, and using the old NKP right of way would be a good place for them.

Had Enough Indy? said...

The Google cars are legal out west, but not here.

Plus, wouldn't they have to be outfitted with those rail runners?

Anonymous said...

I defffffinately agree with this post we need people in office in indy that are for its people and not for them selfs ...we muuuuzt have mass transit in indy ive been to Chi, NYC, Minneapolis, LA rode on all theirs its absolutely wonderful, quick, Safe (not in chicago or NYC but what do you expect with gang raged cities indy is muuuuuuch safer then either of them)...this isnt only for us now its also for the future people having to come up in indy im finding my self taking a 2 hour commute to work and home every day thats preposterous and absurd. And itll obly get worse couse if you havent noticed the city is growing itll also bring more business to downtown indy and pick up the pace indy has its ups and downs on pace mainly downs unless something big going on there is hardly anything going on downtown. I do appreciate the mayor taking the new MSA site to a new heights making it residential living and retail that was very smart ....but make it retail that is wirth it not just another silly marsh or ghetto kroger. Maybe some famous fashion (Versace, coco chanel, ingomar jenkins, jimmy choos, etc etc...) maybe some niiiice restaurants , little shopping center, sport lounge, heck even a casino would be nice this is the type of stuff that brings moooore attention and money to a city. Yes taxes ofcourse will increase for both these new ideas 1 already underway and the other back and forth mainly back (idk why but it is set back smh) but in the long run our taxes will lower as people move into the city we put our taxes into the new stadium eventhough only 14% of indianapolis even attend these games for the colts dont get me wrong its a gorgeous landscape but not everyone saw the need for it. Yall put our tax money towards super bowl XLVI which really in all actuality wasnt for the citizens of indiana at all esp indianapolis it was for the fans of those teams that played and then allll those ideas went back to normal after the game although downtown restaurants and shopping recieved major bucks and raaave reviews only 32% of indiana attended the festivities all that week. Now its time to do something that is for indiana residents especially since this city is growing ...not one person i know has a bas thing to say avout mass transit just have cameras and 24/hr watch security of the camers monitors, keep them clean and sanitary, always running unlike that retarded indygo crap and things should be wonderful ...really indygo is a joke HELLO!!! better scheduling. More routes. Cleaner busses. Later routes. ...i dont want to move from indy theres no place like home but if they dont make the mass transit system then looks like imma have to i cant keep filling up my gas tank 4-6 times a week its rediculous...DO IT FOR THE FUTURE INDYYYY