Monday, May 7, 2012

TIF Study Commission - Looking For YOUR Ideas

The TIF Study Commission is at the halfway point and they want to hear from you.  You and I are the public, and while we don't have a seat on the Commission, this is the exact time for us to weigh in with our thoughts and ideas for making TIFs transparent and for the criteria that should be considered when and if another TIF gets set up (this administration is looking to expand one TIF in two new directions and expand another and create two brand new TIFs).

What kind of notice should the public get in order to review a proposed TIF?

What data should be set up by any administration that seeks to expand an old or create a new TIF?

How should a developer be chosen and how should a project be evaluated?

How big a footprint should a TIF have?

What information should be released annually for existing TIFs?

What should be done with any excess funds generated by a TIF beyond what is needed to make the bond payments?  Should the MDC have exclusive right to decide to give the money to the Pacers by passing it through the CIB?  Should the MDC have the exclusive right to loan a developer nearly $100 million?  Should the MDC have the exclusive right to balance the City's budget while ignoring the other taxing units and any needs they might have?

Should we retire the existing TIFs once the existing bonds are paid off?

Should the Council have more oversite of the use of TIF funds?  How should the public be notified and how much time should the public be given to research and digest any proposal?  Is two minutes per person sufficient? 

Should those opposing the expansion or creation of a TIF be given equal time to present reasons for such opposition?

There are surely many things I am not listing here.  But, do send any ideas and any comments to Hope Tribble, who serves as the Council's CFO and advisor, and who is the one who is keeping this Commission on track.

The next Commission meeting is Thursday, May 17.  It will begin at 6 pm in the Hornet Park Community Center in Beech Grove (5245 Hornet Avenue).

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Jon said...

Let's start with the basics; how much in tax dollars are TIFs receiving, why aren't excess TIF dollars retiring the TIFs, when should a TIF expand and when should it expire, are TIF dollars being routed elsewhere and since TIF dollars directly affect school capital funds should school district have a voice at the table