Monday, May 7, 2012

The Slating Process is Corrupt - Vote Against It

The slating process in Marion County is there to serve the needs of a small group of power brokers who want to be the ones who decide where the spoils of City government go, and many times, to provide employment for their family members.  There may be only one other Boss Hog County in Indiana where slating survives.

Sometimes slating gets excellent candidates.  Other times it picks lousy ones who have a relationship with the County Chairs or others who feel like wielding power in back rooms and out of site of the voters.

They say that the slate is picked by those who know them best - the Precinct Committeemen.  Not true.  The County Party Chairmen appoint the vast majority of PCs, Vice PCs, and Ward Chairs who vote.  Some don't do a minute's work for the party bosses outside of showing up to the slating convention to vote how they were told to vote.

There is no harm done to a good candidate who deserves your vote if a primary election were open to all and YOU, the voter, chose who should represent your party in the fall election.  Good, and even excellent, candidates have been pushed aside for fair to underhanded candidates by the slating process.

The only way to kill off slating and turn the decisions over to the voter is for voters to pass on the message that slating is a malignancy on Democracy here in Marion County, and for those voters to vote for an unslated candidate.

If you are a Democrat, you can vote against slating by voting for Greg Bowes and Mark King for Superior Court Judge as well as Brian Cooper for State House Representative for District 92 or Zach Mullholland in District 100.  If you are a Republican, you can vote against slating by voting for Paul Ogden or Carol Orbison for Superior Court Judge (Go with the O's).

Remember, it is as much your Party as theirs.  Bring Democracy back to the people.

Voter Information Portal -- check here for your polling location and to print a sample ballot.


Irishking23 said...

Voila! Let the O's win this time around.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Amen. People should just vote for the O's and tell the party bosses they don't like them picking their nominees.