Thursday, April 19, 2012

TIF Study Commission Meeting #4 - Tonight

The fourth TIF Study Commission meeting will begin at 6 pm tonight, in room 260 of the City-County building.  Here's the agenda:

Meeting Agenda
Selected Projects, Airport and other TIFs, Policy Issues

I.              Welcome and Introduction of Commission Members (5 minutes)     Steve Talley, Commission Chair
II.            Selected Projects and Expenses in Marion County TIF Districts – Part 2 (60 minutes)
A.            Airport TIF – United General Overview of (5 minutes)                                                                        
                                                                                              Deron Kitner, Executive Director, Indianapolis Bond Bank
1.            Review the Concept of Consolidation (debt, revenue, project location)
2.            TIF Districts
3.            Outstanding Debt
4.            Real Property Tax Revenue (Historical and Projected through Bond Retirement)
5.            Personal Property Tax Revenue (Historical and Projected through Bond Retirement)
Note for each selected project, discussion to include, at a minimum, the following:

·   How was the project selected?
·   Who was the developer?
·   How was the Developer chosen?
·   How did the plan and financing methods align with overall economic development plans?
·   What other development tools were used for the project?
·   Outcomes, Comparing Realized to Projected or Goal
·   Successes
·   Lessons Learned
·   Measurement of the Return on the Public Investment

B.            United Airlines Facility (10 minutes)

C.            Dow Agro Sciences (10 minutes)

D.           Barrington HoTIF (10 minutes)

E.            UNWA (10 minutes)

F.             Ertel (10 minutes)

III.          Identify Issues – Comments and Recommendations for the TIF Policy Discussion (90 - 120 minutes)

A.            Topics identified in preceding meetings

B.            Setting Goals and Measuring the Return on the Investment

C.            Transparency, Accounting and Reporting

D.           Procedural Issues

E.            Legislative Agenda

IV.          Perspectives and Public Testimony on Public Policy Issues

A.            Commission Members (5 minutes each)

B.            Public Testimony

IV.          Next Meeting:  May 3, 2012, 6:00 pm at Bethel Park Community Center, 2850 Bethel Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203.
IV.          Adjournment

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