Monday, April 16, 2012

Star Editorial Board Sides With Voters

The Star's Editorial Board has come down on the side of the voters and calls on the Election Board and Voter Registration to open voter lists to unslated candidates.

These candidates are legally on the ballot.

The voter lists are public documents.

But the Voter Registration Office is run by the county party chairmen - even though the taxpayers foot the bill.  These men are extreme partisans, to the point where even democracy is less important than the unbridled power they wield.  Slating is a farce and worse.  None the less, one does not need to go through slating in order to put their name on the ballot.  In fact, only Marion County and perhaps Lake County in Indiana even have slating.

Those who give voters a choice in the primary are feared by the party chairmen precisely because they provide a choice for the voters.   So, they put as many hurdles in front of those defenders of democracy as possible - including delaying or  outright denying voter list so these candidates can get their message out.

Running for Judge are Republican Paul Ogden and Democrats Greg Bowes and Mark King.  Democrats running for State Rep are Brian Cooper in District 92 and Zach Mullholland in District 100.

All have filed a lawsuit against the Election Board in an attempt to remedy this problem for all of us here in Marion County - the last bastion of Boss Hog politics.  The case is to be heard tomorrow in Judge Rosenberg's Court.

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