Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MSD Decatur Still Doesn't Care About The Laws

The MSD Decatur had some significant issues brought to light in the latest audit by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

Kara Kenney, ace reporter for WRTV, is reporting on the audit today (see "Audit Questions School's Pricey Tips, Late Fees").  The audit covers the two year period from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

The SBOA finds that the Decatur School District yet again spent more money than the School Board appropriated and more than the State Department of Local Government Finance approved.  The School Board, true to their rubber stamp ways, amended the appropriations after the fact, but the DLGF would not.  The SBOA audit shows that in 2010, under the so called leadership of Don Stinson and Jeff Baer, the district overspent three funds to the tune of $2.4 million (see p 44 of the pdf).  It is against the law for a governmental unit to spend more than is appropriated at a public hearing that follows specific notification rules.  Of course, the only news publication that the district publishes in is the low circulation Mooresville-Decatur Times, keeping prying public eyes from even the slightest information.

The audit also uncovered what has to be the most lame brained goof up in recent memory.  After purchasing property, the district did not alert the Auditor's Office of that ownership, AND PAID PROPERTY TAXES for 3 1/2 years !  It gets worse in that they paid late penalties for two of the payments.  All for a grand total of $338,935.41 in taxes and penalties THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE TO PAY ! (see p 42 of the pdf) They are now trying to find a way to get the money back.

The property in question was purchased in November, 2006.  This very well might be the infamous former Concentra building property (now the Southwest Pavilion) across Kentucky Avenue from the High School.  This property appears on the Marion County Assessor's website under the old owners' names and with a total Assessed Value of nearly $3.4 million.  You will remember that they bought this property without a single appraisal - another violation of State law (see "Decatur School Board Broke State Law in Purchase of Property")

Speaking of late penalties, the audit also reveals that the district paid penalties and interest totaling $13,771.48 to the State because of a late payment of withholding taxes.

The audit found the district did not reconcile bank statement with their records, an old complaint found in earlier audits - insufficient documentation of travel expenses, another repeated complaint - insufficient documentation of Average Daily Membership (ADM - the number upon which the State determines the amount of money a district will receive for the year) - overdrawn negative balances in two funds - and a $232,820 public works project that was not properly put out for bid.

If anyone in Decatur Township still thinks that the Don Stinson or the rubberstamping School Board care how our tax money is spent, then they will never accept reality.


Todd Smekens said...

We need to swap hyperlinks my friend!

Todd Smekens

Anonymous said...

This most recent report again points out that Stinson needs to leave and the new superintendent should not be one of the current administrators

Anonymous said...

Our teachers have to buy their own paper now and they are not allowed to make copys of homework assignments the students have to copy everything down on their own paper from what is written on the board while our administrators get new iphones and ipods.Something is wrong with our community to continue to let this happen.Wake up people!!!!

Anonymous said...

All involved should be ashamed of themselves. The administration,the board,and everyone that has supported both groups.

Anonymous said...

Greenwalds company got the bid for the public works project that was not properly put out for bid.

Make sure you vote him in again, you hear?

Spring break coming up. Wonder if we'll (taxpayers) be footing the bill for this one again this year like we have in the past?

Anonymous said...

Since they are breaking the law, are there any consequences? If you or I break the law, we pay for our mistakes and must answer to the juducial system.