Saturday, July 9, 2011

IBJ Editorial - City Should Release Details About Broad Ripple Parking Garage

Thanks to a tip from Zach Adamson, Candidate for City-County Council, I was alerted that the IBJ has an editorial in today's edition.; "City should share more details on garage deal".  The editorial is locked on their website, but the essence is this:

Parking is a problem in Broad Ripple and the City's investment in and finding a developer for a garage there is appropriate.  But, the financials of the deal should be revealed by the City.

This follows last week's IBJ article by Cory Schouten, who, like I, was denied access to the construction costs and operating expense analysis submitted with the winning bid by the Keystone Group. 

Good.  We all need to continually push for the public's right to know.  Sometimes things are hidden by officials because revealing them would bring embarrassment or worse to an office holder.  Other times things are hidden simply for convenience.  Sadly for our democracy, when officials withhold information, they forget that they are elected to serve the public.  For the public to ask for proof that they are doing that job well, is appropriate.


Anonymous said...

The IBJ is the best media outlet in Indianapolis.

Wish the Star would be taken private by local owners to regain it's former glory.

Anonymous said...

You make some good points here. Please note that we're a republic & not a democracy.