Monday, August 23, 2010

City-County Council Meets Tonight - Budget Process Begins

The Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council will meet tonight, August 23, 2010. This will be the budget kick-off with Mayor Greg Ballard presenting his overview of the 2011 budget for the City and County. The Council agenda is posted here.

There will be a great deal of detailed information available to the public on the City's website, most hot links posting after the Mayor's presentation. As of right now, though, there still are links for those who wish to follow along or participate. On the Council's home page,, they have a link to the schedule of committee meetings where individual pieces of the budget will be presented by the head of the particular department or agency, discussed, opened for public comments, and finally, voted upon. The Council Proposals that will contain the introduced budgets are numbered 231, 232, 233, and 234. I will post links to each, once they are activated, in the sidebar for anyone who remains interested or becomes curious.

Also being introduced tonight that is of particular interest is Prop 229, which involves the 50 year lease of the downtown and Broad Ripple parking meters. The text of the Proposal mentions a "Concession Agreement", but it is not incorporated into the Proposal as of right now. I have not been able to locate a copy of this agreement on the City's website, but may not have looked in the right places. The Proposal refers to this Concession Agreement when it gets down to the brass tacks of money. This is what the Proposal says at that point:

WHEREAS, the City has negotiated a public-private agreement in the form of a concession agreement (the "Concession Agreement"), with Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., a Xerox Company, or its designee (as approved by the City) (hereinafter, the "Concessionaire") and has determined that it is in the best interest of the inhabitants of the City (i) for the City to execute and deliver the Concession Agreement in exchange for the payment to the City by the Concessionaire of $20.0 million at closing, $15.0 million to be paid within the time period specified in the Concession Agreement and a share of certain revenues related to the Metered System received by the Concessionaire to be paid as set forth in the Concession Agreement (the "Consideration"), (ii) for the Consideration to be deposited in the City's special parking meter fund, (iii) for the Metered System to be operated, maintained and improved by the Concessionaire, (iv) for the Concessionaire to collect the revenue from operation of the Metered System, (v) for the Concessionaire or its designees to provide the enforcement (but not the adjudication) of the Revised Code related to the Metered System operation and residential parking permits, and (vi) for the City to receive certain of the enforcement revenue from operation of the Metered System all as more specifically set forth in the Concession Agreement;

The money from this agreement would go into a 'parking meter fund' and expenditures would be made from this fund by the Board of Public Works, after being appropriated by the City-County Council. According to the Proposal, the money could be spent on the following things:

All amounts received by the city related to the operation of any parking meter, including the Consideration, shall be deposited and kept in a special fund, known as the "parking meter fund," to be set up in a budget, approved by the city-county council, and shall be under the control, orders and directions of the board of public works. Disbursements from such fund shall be made only for the following purposes, unless otherwise authorized by any relevant statute or required by any contract:
(1) For the payment of the cost of repairing and maintaining any of the public ways, curbs, and sidewalks where the parking meters are in use, and all public ways connected with them in the city;
(2) For the payment of the cost of traffic signal devices used in the city;
(3) For the payment of the cost of acquiring, by lease or purchase, suitable land for offstreet parking facilities;
(4) For payment of the cost of improving and maintaining land for parking purposes; and
(5) For any other uses that may be permitted under Indiana law.

More will be posted here on this parking meter lease once more details are available. Prop 229 is being referred to the Rules Committee of the Council, which has 5 republicans and 3 democrats. The Rules Committee next meets on Monday, August 30, at 5:30 pm in room 260.

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