Monday, August 2, 2010

Budget Notices Hitting the Press - H&H, Wayne, Washington and Perry School Districts

The budget season is descending upon us. Governmental units are beginning to advertise their budgets and property tax rates in the paper, a legally required step in the public process. I missed it in the paper the other day, but Health & Hospitals has posted a notice that currently appears in the online public notice section. One aside about the online version of these notices - they aren't worth the electrons they are printed on. The online version abstains from the use of any traditional formatting, like paragraphs, tables, and sometimes even spaces - allowing numbers to run into one another in an indecipherable gibberish. So, you might want to pick up a paper version if you want to view a particular notice.

Back to the H&H notice - it was published on 7/30 and it appears it will be published yet again on 8/6.

I just pulled my old Friday paper and found the notice. H&H will hold a public hearing at 1:30 pm, August 10, "at Wishard Hospital, 1001 W. 10th Street" - that sure narrowed it down as to location, eh? Curiously, the notice mentions a 2011 budget estimate of $392,920,679, an estimate of the maximum levy (maximum property tax revenue needed) of $102,130,737 -- but fails to mention the estimated property tax rate. I don't know if that is sufficient for these notices that are entitled "Notice to Taxpayers of Budget Estimates, Tax Levies and Tax Rates". Hmm.

In today's paper are very interesting and informative public notices for three local school districts - Wayne, Washington, and Perry. There are notices of past expenses for Wayne and Washington, and notices of 2011 budgets for Wayne and Perry.

MSD Wayne Township and MSD Washington Township posted their "Annual Financial Report", covering 2009, which lists the number and salary range of administrators ("Certified Administrative Staff"), non-certified staff salary ranges, teacher salaries plus extra-curricular compensation, a comparison of the budgeted expenses and how much was actually spent, tax rates for 2009 and 2010, a list of all vendors who were paid over $2500, a list of debt, budgeted vs. actual revenues, and school enrollment by grade level. These financial reports are in today's (Monday, August 2, 2010) paper for both Wayne and Washington school districts. They are not in the public notice section of the electronic It appears that today is the only date these will be published.

The MSD Wayne Township's "Notice To Taxpayers of Tax Levies" is in both paper and electronic versions of the Star. From an estimated total budget of $153,194,394, they will seek $47,178,171 from property taxes, up from $40,23,876 they asked for 2010. Now, you should be aware that taxing units often inflate the amount of money they seek, as the notice will provide a maximum level. It is difficult to know how inflated the number really is - so you should ask questions if it strikes you as awfully high. They are yet to actually finalize these numbers through their internal budget process, and want to protect themselves from posting a number that is too small. The Wayne school district also posted a three year Capital Projects Fund Plan that covers the next 3 years, and which will require $13 - $14 million per year. Both the budget and the CPF plan will be discussed at 7:30 pm, August 16, at 1220 S. High School Road and the public has a right to be heard on both matters. Taxpayers have the right to file an objection. The school board is expected to vote on the final budget at its September 13 meeting. This notice indicates that it will be published again on August 9.

The MSD Perry Township "Notice to Taxpayers of Tax Levies" also appears in both versions of the Star. They estimate a total 2011 budget of $132,996,281 and will seek $46,843,282 from property taxes, compared with $29,831,413 for 2010. They show the collected tax revenues for 2007, 2008, 2009, and to be collect in 2010, for comparison. Like Wayne school district, they posted a three year CPF plan - they call fore spending $12 - $14 million per year. They will hold a public hearing and consider this budget and CPF plan at 6:00 pm, August 23, at 6548 Orinoco Avenue. The School Board is expected to approve the final budget on September 13.


Anonymous said...


Will you post when Decatur's budget hits the press? Thank you.

Jon said...

Wishard had a notice in the paper last week as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jane Jack and Eduardo Torres are the new directors of the Choice SLC and Edge SLC. Do they get insurance and benefits like Tooley, Wachnicki, and Duzenberry?? What happened to TJ? Is he an administrator? Funny that Jack and Torres don't have administrator licenses. What is the length of their contracts? Why do they need Rather if they have TJ to help with athletics? There are many questions to this insanity. Do they hire a new science to replace Jack? Did they hire a new drama and speeck person to replace Torres? Enough is enough !!!! The board just doesn't see spending all this money as important. Show the public the staff reports.

Anonymous said...

Jack was not teaching science last year. She was an academic coach. She is the former dept chair for science and former chemistry teacher.

TJ was downgraded.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that TJ would willing take a job where he was directly under The Dragon Lady's thumb. Stinson must be paying him a fair piece of change to take over Rosie Cut-Your-Friends-Throats O'Brien's job as transportation director.