Friday, May 10, 2013

Is it Most Sincerely Dead ? Airport Chief Says Lawsuit Over Fast Park To Be Withdrawn

In an exclusive this afternoon, Jon Murray, IndyStar reporter, quoted Indianapolis Airport Director, Bob Duncan, as saying the Airport's two year battle to stop a Fast Park facility from locating in Ameriplex, will end.  Murray relays the following:
Authority Board President Mike Wells discussed the issue with other board members and found consensus in support of airport officials’ plans to drop the lawsuit, Duncan said this afternoon.
Coincidence or final straw, this comes as the Council readies for Prop 148 on Monday night.  This Council Resolution chides the airport for continuing to engage in the lawsuit filed to overturn the land use changes, granted by the Metropolitan Development Commission, that would allow a Fast Park & Relax facility to be built on 31 acres just off Ameriplex Parkway.

In keeping with the long strange trip this has been, Murray quotes Councillor Bob Lutz, whose district includes the northern half of the Indianapolis Airport, and who aptly put it :
 “I am so happy and so furious all at the same time!” he wrote in an email to The Star. “All of the wasted effort and taxpayer dollars. Plus the time, energy and money Ameriplex and Chavez had to spend and what was accomplished? Nothing!”
Lutz was the key driver of the Council's decision last fall, to dock the Airport budget by $100,000; the expected cost of the lawsuit in outside attorneys.  He also got 13 Councillors to vote against the entire Airport budget when it came before the full Council.

IBJ reporter, Kathleen McLaughlin, reports that Prop 148 may be withdrawn if the termination of the Airport's lawsuit can be directly verified.
At-large City-County Councilor Zach Adamson, a Democrat, said he would not pull his resolution from Monday night's agenda until Midwest Logistics confirms that the airport will withdraw its appeal. "They had two and a half years to do the right thing, and they refused to do it," he said of the airport authority. "It's criminal what they've done to this business."
Adamson initiated Prop 148 and has been a steadfast opponent of the lawsuit.

Can this day have finally arrived?  I looked on the Airport's website and cannot find any press release.  But, Murray has Bob Duncan's comments and I am hearing of email verifications coming from the Mayor's office and from Mike Wells, President of the Airport Authority Board, as well.

So, just maybe the wicked witch is not only dead, but most sincerely dead !

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