Friday, May 10, 2013

Council To Take Up Prop 148 - Asking Airport to Drop it Lawsuit

This Monday night, May 13, the City County Council will take up Prop 148, among other things.  In an unusual move, this Proposal is scheduled for both introduction AND a vote Monday.

Prop 148, initiated by Councillor Zach Adamson, and co-sponsored by 12 others, including District Councillors Jason Holliday and Bob Lutz, announces Council support for the Fast Park zoning decision of the MDC and asks the Airport to terminate its lawsuit.

This is so very important for my neck of the woods, and I am very excited to see this development.

The co-sponsors are a bipartisan group - Adamson, Holliday and Lutz are joined by Councillors Talley, Hickman, Mansfield, Mascari, Moriarty Adams, Evans, Freeman, Pfisterer, Sandlin, and Scales.

There are a baker's dozen Whereas clauses, with the penultimate being:
WHEREAS, the opposition of the Indianapolis Airport Authority, acting and using its powers as municipal corporation for purely competitive reasons is improper and runs contrary to the history and tradition of public-private collaboration and cooperation in Indianapolis, which has been fostered by mayors and councilors of both major political parties, and which is a hallmark of the city's business culture to be generally conducive and friendly to private sector job growth and economic development;
The Proposal would affirm the Council's support for the zoning decision of the MDC, asks the Airport Authority to terminate its lawsuit, leaves the Mayor the option of signing on to the Special Resolution (like that's going to happen), and would have the Clerk of the Council send a copy of the Resolution to each Airport Authority Board member.

It is no secret that I cannot understand why we have to fight our own government because it is trying to create a monopoly by fiat and lawsuit, for a business commonly conducted by the private sector.  It is heartening that another branch of our local government will come to our aide in our fight.

Thanks to all the co-sponsors and an 'in-advance' thank you to all the Councillors who vote in support of Prop 148 !

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