Friday, October 26, 2012

How Vindictive Mayor's Budget Cuts Hit County Offices

Its clear that all Mayors Ballard and Vaughn care about is getting their way.

The $32 million budget cuts imposed by them - needlessly, mind you - 'for kicks and giggles' - is in the form of vetoing the line item where $31,767,652 in COIT funds are moved into the County General fund.

From the Mayor's introduced budget we get these numbers for the departments and agencies receiving revenue from that fund (with their total introduced budget in parentheses):

Sheriff                   $68.8 m  ($109.2 m)
Superior Court       $37.8 m  ($53.5 m)
Circuit Court         $1.1 m ( $1.4 m)
Prosecutor             $13.5 m ($23.6 m)
Prosecutor Child Support Division       $4.4 m ($4.4 m)
Public Defender       $17.6 m ($18.0 m)
Community Corrections      $3.4 m  ($9.5 m)
Forensic Services      $5.9 m ($6.9 m)
Coroner                  $2.7 m  ($2.8 m)
Cooperative Extension       $0.8 m  ($0.8 m)
Auditor                  $9.1 m  ($9.8 m)
Assessor                $5.2 m  ($7.4 m)
Treasurer                $2.1 m  ($2.1 m)
Clerk                     $5.6 m    ($6.3 m)
Election Board      $1.3 m   ($1.3 m)
Voters' Registration    $1.1 m ($1.1 m)
Recorder              $0.6 m   ($1.8 m)
Surveyor               $0.2 m  ($0.6 m)

Just so you know what kind of men you have on the 25th floor.


Anonymous said...

Dear mayor, have the Pacers pay back the 33+ million gifted to them, bingo budget fixed.

Had Enough Indy? said...

You're hired !

Paul K. Ogden said...

No, Anon, it was actually called a loan, not a gift. So we should expect repayment.

Anonymous said...

Perception reality problems, expecting and receiving are two distinct issues. We may expect repayment but the reality is billionaires spend other people money not their own.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I do believe that they did us the favor of not leaving town for the mere token of $30 million and the remaining $3 m was for a new ribbon board so the Pacers could make even more money off the backs of taxpayers.

How much to keep you in town????

Anonymous said...

Their contract had severe penalties if the Pacers left town, both the CIB and the local press omitted that factoid from the news. Before the CIB and the mayor acquiesed to the will of the Pacers they had no "leverage". Now we have opened up their contract and established a precedence that we will bend over to keep them.

Anonymous said...

Ballard hates police officers and fire fighters. Plain and simple.