Friday, October 5, 2012

Big Week Coming Up for Council As Democrats Try to Modify Ballard's Budget

The budget is different this year.  With divided government, the Democrats are reworking Mayor Ballard's budget so that their priorities are imprinted on 2013.  The full Council must adopt a final budget at their October 15 meeting - so next week is it for all of the budget segments to get out of committee.

At this point, all of the municipal corporation budgets are out except for the 2013 CIB budget. [edited to add: the CIB budget will be taken up on Thursday evening, 5:30 pm, in room 107 of the city-county building]   A special meeting of that committee will be called, but so far no notice has been sent out.  The Parks budget passed out of committee last night.  All the rest remain.

Here is the schedule as of right now:

Monday, October 8 - Metropolitan & Economic Development committee
budgets for Dept. Metropolitan Development and for Dept. Code Enforcement
also on the agenda are Prop 274 (urges the Metropolitan Development Commission to adopt the recommendations of the Council's Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Study Commission), Prop 275 (urges the Indiana General Assembly to adopt certain recommendations of the Council's Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Study Commission), and Prop 347 (which would approve $20 million of bonds from the downtown TIF to 'assist in the financing of the One America Garage')

Tuesday, October 9 - Admin & Finance committee
budgets for Office of Mayor, Office of Finance & Management, Office of Corporation Counsel, Office of Minority & Women Business Devel, Office of Audit & Performance, Election Board, Voter Registration, County Recorder, County Surveyor, Council, County Assessor, County Treasurer, Coutny Auditor, Noble of IN, MC Fair Board, MC Cooperative Extension, Regional Health & Mental Health Centers, WCTY, and Information Services Agency
also on the agenda is Prop 287 (to eliminate the local homestead credit from property tax bills)

Wednesday, October 10 - Public Safety & Criminal Justice committee
budgets for MC Prosecutor, MC Public Defender, Community Corrections, Circuit & Superior Court, County Clerk,  County Sheriff, County Coroner, Forensic Services Agency, Dept of Public Safety (homeland security, animal care, impd, ifd, iems)

Thursday, October 11 - Public Works committee
budget for the Dept Public Works
also on the agenda is Prop 315 (amends the Code to limit the number of citations for exceeding the
to deny a violation and request an administrative hearing by electronic mail or United State mail)
All of these meetings begin at 5:30 and are held in room 260 of the city-county building.

edited to add:
Thursday, October 11 - Muni Corps committee
budget for the CIB

this meeting will be at 5:30 and held in room 107 of the city-county building


Anonymous said...

There is no battle coming up. Ballard owns many of the Dem council. It is NOW his council.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on prop 274 or prop 287?

Had Enough Indy? said...

I'm playing catch-up and will be posting on developments as soon as I can. Short story - prop 274 and 275 were postponed to the next meeting of the metro committee, which is Oct 22nd.

Prop 287 barely got a second and was voted down in committee 7-1. Councillor Lutz, one of the sponsors of the proposal (which sought to eliminate the homestead credit) did mention that the full Council had the authority to call it onto the floor at their next meeting. I couldn't tell if he felt strongly enough about the matter to do that - especially given Councillors of both parties really don't want to touch this one and he's not likely to get 2/3rds to back any vote on the proposal.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to find out the salaries of Visit Indiana employees, formerly the ICVA? Is Visit Indiana a private concern and therefore we can only see the cash flow in but nothing else?

Had Enough Indy? said...

I believe they are subject to the open records laws. But, as for salaries, those can be obtained through Type in "indianapolis convention and visitor" in the search box.

Here's a link to their 2010 income tax return. salaries are on p 21, but Don Welsh is listed as executive director, if you wanted his replacement's salary.

If you need their 2011 return, you might file an open records request directly with them.