Monday, September 24, 2012

Prop 15 Gets Public Hearing Tonight - With Notice

Unlike the August 27 meeting of the Metropolitan & Economic Development committee of the City-County Council, the agenda for tonight's meeting does list Prop 15, which seeks to expand the downtown TIF to include the Mass Ave TIF and the Bush Stadium TIF for a total additional footprint of 1.1 square miles.

Proposal 15 remains dead, according to Council Rules, but I expect it to get vigorous debate and a vote regardless.

Not on the agenda is Prop 291, which would approve the proposed Mid-Town TIF.

There is also a budget hearing for the Department of Code Enforcement to be held at the committee meeting tonight.

So, look for a long night.


Anonymous said...

How can a "dead" proposal get a hearing? By their own rules this proposal is dead, bereft of life.
When a dead proposal still gets a hearing how can we not assume the fix is in?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Matt Tully of the Star is repeating the same old, same old TIF myth, that TIFs capture only new property tax revenue. Apparently Matt doesn't know that 40%+ of the TIFs in Marion County are belly up. Perhaps Matt should read more and write less, or at least write about something he knows.