Saturday, September 15, 2012

Council Kills Prop 16 - As Required By Its Rules - When Will Prop 15 Be Killed?

Council Rules clearly state that any proposal that has been tabled for 6 months SHALL be removed from the pending list and by that means, declared dead.

from section 151-30 of the Revised Municipal Code:
If a proposal is tabled by a committee and no action is taken to remove it from the table or to reassign it during a period of six (6) months, the proposal shall be deemed postponed indefinitely and shall be removed from the calendar of pending proposals.
As noted previously on this blog, on February 6, 2012, the Metropolitan & Economic Development committee of the Council tabled both Prop 15 and Prop 16.  Prop 15 deals with two expansions of the consolidated downtown TIF.  Prop 16 deals with an expansion of the Fall Creek TIF.

The 6 months clock stopped ticking on August 6.

Now, a review of the proposals pending before the Council show that Prop 16 has been removed and is dead.

Prop 15 qualifies for the same treatment, yet there is a public hearing scheduled before the full Council on it Monday night.

The wording of the Council rule leaves no wiggle room.  It leaves no nuanced decision making.  It clearly says "the proposal SHALL be deemed postponed indefinitely and SHALL be removed from the calendar of pending proposals".

Prop 15 MUST be removed from consideration of the Council.  If desired, it can be reintroduced under a different proposal number.  But the Council rules are clear - and they know it.

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