Monday, August 20, 2012

Wednesday's Budget Hearing - Prosecutor's Office & More

Wednesday's budget hearings will be before the Public Safety & Criminal Justice committee.  The meeting will begin at 5:30 pm in room 260 of the City-County Building.

On the agenda are the budgets for:
Marion County Prosecutor and Child Support Division
Marion County Public Defender’s Agency
Community Corrections
Limited information is online, with Prop 285, 2012, providing the most detail. As I compare budgets, I will be referring to information in Prop 241, 2011, that set the 2012 budget.

The Prosecutor's Office and Child Support Division will be handled as separate budgets, so I will do so here, as well.


The Prosecutor's budget for 2013 would increase by 4.0% (+ about $0.9 m) over this year's budget, if adopted.  The lion's share of the increase would go to salaries and benefits, with a $0.8 m increase to $18.8 m.  The total requested budget is $23.6 m.

The employee count, however, would rise by only 3.73 to 303.73 full time equivalents.


The budget request for the 2013 Child Support Division is a 2.9% increase (+ about $100,000) over this year.  The total request is for $4.4 m with $3.1 m going to salaries and benefits.

The number of employees would rise by 18, to 97.  This is curious, as the salaries and benefits budget piece only rises by about $90,000.


If adopted, the 2013 budget for the Public Defender Agency would rise by 3.3% (+ about $0.6 m) to $18 m.  The lion's share of the increase is in the salaries and benefits piece of the budget (+ $0.4 m).

The number of employees would rise by 8.78, to 205.78.


The requested 2013 budget for Community Corrections is a drop of 1.6% (- about $0.2 m).  The lion's share of the drop is in the piece that accounts for contracts, including for services as well as for leases and other things.

The number of employees would drop by 0.37, to 70.63.

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