Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Huber Cashes Out of One Government Job to Another

IndyStar reporter Jon Murray is reporting that Deputy Mayor Michael Huber is leaving his post with the City and taking a spot at the Airport that pays a whopping $190,000 a year.  Deron Kintner, currently Director of the Bond Bank, is being supported by Mayor Ballard to step into Huber's old post.

So, Huber is moving from selling taxpayer assets, creating TIFs, and spending excess TIF funds on the projects of favored developers --- to -- keeping hundreds, if not thousands of acres of land OFF the tax rolls so that the airport can make $65 million more a year in clear profit.  This is the airport city concept I have mentioned before, that is a shell game swapping private property taxes paid by private entities on private land ---  for ----  airport profits from land leases of government owned property for private businesses that have no need to be located at an airport, nor which assist the airport in its mission of providing air transportation functions.

Its a double dip that keeps taxpayers digging deeper into their pockets, while favorite local developers become accustomed to large handouts and forgiven taxes.

Edited to add: I guess they didn't clear those folks out of the airport in order to save money after all.  The $200,000 'saved' is just about Huber's salary.

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