Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl a PR Success for Indy

By all accounts, Indy's hosting of the Super Bowl has been a fantastic success for Indianapolis and its image.  I want to be sure to acknowledge the 8000 volunteers who, as usual in Indy, helped put our best foot forward.  Much must be said in coming days about things spinning out of the Super Bowl, but we should enjoy the positive buzz created by the smooth operation of the downtown event .

I have a couple of commitments running right now that will make posting sporadic.  But, I did want to jump in and congratulate everyone involved in Indy's success.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to congratulate people about. If your priorities are so mind-bendingly out of whack that you volunteer for a corporate event like the Super Bowl, you need a psychiatric evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody is on a 5 alarm pout because right-to-work got passed.

Nicolas Martin said...

Too bad it was promoted using stolen money.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell if this was a true success.

My three success metrics:

Did the event make or lose money for city?

(direct spending economic impact minus direct expenses) No indirect fantasy stuff.

Can they book substantial new convention/tourism business at a profit within the next 3 months?

Can they land a major new employer or significant investment in central Indiana within the next 3 months?